Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Work vs Hobby

Just found out something today. There's a huge possibility that I might be re-assigned out of the Klang Valley starting next June/July (government mah...). Definitely not a good news especially for my hobbying needs. So, I'll start appealing tomorrow. If later I'm still re-assigned to someplace else that doesn't exactly matches my likings, probably will consider to quit the job (hate the routine rounds and the on-call duties anyway) but not sure about the APC stuff. Will get more details regarding the matter, and definitely will look for options and loopholes to exploit.

Hmm...options, loopholes, exploit...definitely too much Alpha Legion for me, hahaha :D


  1. definitely, need all the luck I could get :)

  2. Brother Vuel,
    remember that :)

    Good luck.

  3. Ouch to you bro but at least you'll still be in Malaysia. Huge possibility = confirmed??

    Some of us not so lucky....same time as you but no where near legio.

    Make sure your appeal is air-tight. Tell them u can't live if you're not within 30m distance of Legio. That should save u.

    Ave Legio!!!

  4. huge possibility = 90% probability..
    definitely don't want that, that's why I'm appealing..
    but like everything these days, that appeal needs a strong 'cable'..that's why I'm not too optimistic with the result, but crossing my fingers though..