Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Doom of Me

I've let myself to be easily distracted again; was a mere one step away to finish one of the two FoW infantry squad. It could be because of the scorching hot weather. So, instead of pursuing to complete my FoW stuff which will be seeing action in 3 weeks time, I painted this xeno-thingy instead. If I were to make a smart distraction, I would have painted my Rifleman for the upcoming World Without End campaign. But, I can't actually recall on the trigger that urged me to paint this. Anyway, what's done is done.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bagration Update: Back to Factory Mode

Looking at Jeff, Khairul, Shukor and Syamael's progress in the past one week, it was all about Flames of War. Definitely don't want to be left behind so, I've decided to go into factory mode again; painting the Firestorm platoon and my own stuff at once. Managed to get the camo pattern done for all the vehicles, and made a good progress to one of the infantry squads.

For the Panzergrenadier squad, only 4 steps left for completion; uniform highlighting, skin, flock, base rim paint. The same can't be said for the infantry squad inside the container, which still need a lot of work. As for the vehicles, none of the detailing (tracks, guns, etc) has been done yet, but I'm planning to do it on per squad basis. There's a limit to the factory mode so, priority to the Firestorm first and then the StuG platoon. That's all, gotta go back to painting. See you next time.

(Hmm...why did the green camo appeared grey-ish on some of the vehicles?)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Preparing for the Firestorm: Bagration campaign

Legio Malaysia, the local gaming club I'm associated with, will be running the Flames of War Firestorm: Bagration campaign starting May 18th. Of course, I'll bring my Panther-heavy Panzerkompanie to the table. In the last campaign, we've noticed that we've been lacking a few Firestorm troops and to avoid the similar issue in the future, each of us has volunteered to paint up the Firestorm units that we're going to need for the campaign. Such is the beauty of having similar-minded people in the club; 'we' comes before 'me'. So, in one hobby night, this was what I managed to assemble.

My current run of outstation duties will soon end. Really looking forward to paint them all, and perhaps, another same/different Firestorm platoon.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Craftworld Ilfirin Rangers/Pathfinders

After four Legio Malaysia Hobby Nights (plus another hour or two at home), the task is finally accomplished. Really had fun painting them, a reminder that I should paint my models individually rather than batch paint. It's not perfect, and definitely more work can be done to improve them. Well, lessons learnt for the next batch of models.

Here's a snapshot from the battlefield, sniping their opponent. Last I heard, Rending AP1 shots are very dangerous.

Monday, April 2, 2012

A Stumbling Block

By doing this, I've consciously caused myself to be behind the schedule I've set myself for K3 and Golden Kris on June 30th. Definitely not a good move but, what's done is done. Spent the large part of Sunday afternoon painting this (when I should have at least airbrushed two layers of paint on my Vyper).

Hive Guard
Inspired by Shukor's Nids, I've rummaged through my personal stockpile looking for some Tyranid models. It turns out that I have way more stuff than expected; ranging from the old ones (Necrons) to the youngbloods (Tau). This, I blame my impulsive buying behaviour and my Big Mek tendencies. The next post will be an update of my Eldar Rangers (I promise), and crossing my fingers that I can finish them before my series of continuous outstation in April begins.