Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bagration Update: Back to Factory Mode

Looking at Jeff, Khairul, Shukor and Syamael's progress in the past one week, it was all about Flames of War. Definitely don't want to be left behind so, I've decided to go into factory mode again; painting the Firestorm platoon and my own stuff at once. Managed to get the camo pattern done for all the vehicles, and made a good progress to one of the infantry squads.

For the Panzergrenadier squad, only 4 steps left for completion; uniform highlighting, skin, flock, base rim paint. The same can't be said for the infantry squad inside the container, which still need a lot of work. As for the vehicles, none of the detailing (tracks, guns, etc) has been done yet, but I'm planning to do it on per squad basis. There's a limit to the factory mode so, priority to the Firestorm first and then the StuG platoon. That's all, gotta go back to painting. See you next time.

(Hmm...why did the green camo appeared grey-ish on some of the vehicles?)


  1. Looking great! Awesome progress dude

  2. Camo on the vehicles look very good. Nice!

  3. Yup.. the camo sure looks good. I suggest some weathering powder on them.

  4. Very nice indeed.
    You guys gotta teach me how to play FOW during my next vacation.

  5. Nice progress there bro!! Did you use your spanking brand new state of the art teflon coated Iwata airbrush? Tell us how your model performed please. Am thinking of getting one for myself.

    Not sure about why the color turned grey...what color did you use?

    Doc, the FoW campaign you've gotta join us. So get your brave Sikhs painted up. But then again if all goes according to plan, next campaign will be winter setting. Americans and Germans this time ;) hint hint..

    1. Thanks guys.
      Weathering is definitely in plans during the detailing stage.

      I used the Vallejo Model Colour Panzer Olive Green for the ambiguous green/grey colour.

      For the camo, as of now, still using the old Sparmax 0.5 airbrush..still not comfortable with the Iwata spray control yet..thus rather than taking risks, I decided to stick with the one I'm confident with at the moment..