Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Protectorate Starfighter

Hi all.
Just a quick stop to share this really sexy jetfighter here, a future Q3/4 2016 release by Fantasy Flight Games for X-Wing miniatures. The aesthetics are really nice (probably due to the Eldar & Chaos vibe on this ship). I am most definitely going to get at least one for my ever increasing (and soon to be crowded) hangar bay.

If only FFG could make this ship do the following as per original design...

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Scribing Circular Shapes

In my last post, I've mentioned about attempting to scribe circular shapes. As it turns out, not to be a good idea at my current skill level for the following reasons:

  1. Scribing circles and freehand does not go together. Templates are required, more especially so since I have minor hand tremors.
  2. DYMO tapes are insufficient as template/guide for scribing circular shapes, since it requires a larger surface area to stick around the area that you are planning to scribe.
  3. Custom-made templates out of plasticard does not work as it'll get cut easily during the scribing process. Metal templates are most definitely the tool of choice. (Thus, postponing this wild idea inside my head of scribing flames on the model)

Thus, after some trial-and-errors, this is the end result from my attempt to scribe circular shapes. There are no 'before' pictures as it was a completely blank surface. You probably noticed that the circles are slightly off-centred with visible scratch marks. I wonder if filling the scratch marks with epoxy putty will solve it. Otherwise, gonna disguise it as battle damage during painting later..hahaha 

I do admit that it looked a bit Necron-ish. Most probably due to my subconcious thoughts, which is heavily influnced by the WH40K universe. Overall, I think it doesn't look that bad..hahaha (trying to cheer myself up, LOL).

So, I've tried scribing. It was a mediocre attempt, but at least I've tried it and got the feel of it a bit. Will definitely seek more knowledge on how to improve myself on this skill later. The next recommended step after scribing would be learning the chiseling technique, but I'll postpone that until my scribing becomes more stable. Gonna try something else simpler first. So, next up on the list of new modelling techniques to try: plastic piping.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Learned Something New - Scribing

Scribing is an old modelling technique which I never knew. The main purpose is break the monotony of parts with large surface area. Having dealt with highly detailed single-posed miniatures before, there was never a need to actually do so, until now.

The Tau armour is an excellent example of an end product on which scribing can be applied. Looking at it closely, the Tau armour is basically flat-surfaced armour plates with grooves cut into the armour. Examining the armour, we can see that there were no added height and thickness to the armour plates.

Scribing is basically the technique to emulate the grooves, in order to add dimensions to the models. As for tools, there aren't any specific ones; blade, nail, chisel or slot-head screwdriver can all be used to achieve the desired effect. Since I just discovered this technique, apparently there are a lot (and I do mean, a lot) of tutorials on scribing posted all over the internet and youtube. There are so many of them that it would be pointless to provide you with URL links for it. I guess the age-old saying was right; you need to know what to look for before looking for anything.

This new revelation made me very curious to try it. This below, is my first attempt at scribing, done on my WIP entry for the Gundam event in August.

Additional panel lines were scribed to these side skirts parts. Just by adding a few groove lines, the part looked upgraded. This is probably nothing new to most of you but for me, it is. If only I knew about this technique on my previous conversion projects. Lesson learnt: there will always be something new to learn.
(Note: on hindsight, a 'before and after' picture would be more favourable)

Definitely need more practice to brush up this new skill, will try circular shapes next.