Sunday, May 8, 2011

A New Menace

It is probably sad to say that our last hope, a small pocket resistance remnants of whatever is left of the Forces of Order, has been completely obliterated from the face of Arenxis. A recent graphic transmission, probably the last we're ever going to receive, shows a new breed of bipedal monstrosity deep-striking right in the midst of the rebellion. And these, the last discernible words before all the screams of havoc, are the monster's words.

"You feelin' lucky, punk?"

Thursday, May 5, 2011

K2: Tales of the Harlequin, Part 6 : Aul'thavon

Burn everything!”

Fuegan’s intimidating warcry was probably the last thing heard by the Alpha Legion marines. Despite being supported by two Defiler monstrosities and several Dreadnought sarcophagi, the heretics were completely mowed down by the Fire Dragons.

The Alpha Legion has been relentlessly pursuing their Aul’thavon kindred ever since the Great Betrayal. Apparently, Aul’thavon has managed to retrieve something from Arenxis, something that the Alpha Legion has great interest on. Yesterday, it seemed like the fate of Aul’thavon was about to end as they were pinned down from all sides by the heretics. Salvation came from the skies as a webway portal materialized above the battlefield and from it, a barrage of melta bombs rained down on the enemy, soon followed by the Fire Dragons led by their Phoenix Lord himself and joined by the ever enigmatic Harlequins. The assault was fast and ferocious, like a tidal wave against the beach. In a split cycle, the enemies were completely decimated.

As the Phoenix Lord scoured the battlefield, a robed figure approached him. It was Farseer Dann, the leader of Craftworld Aul’thavon. In a blink of an eye, a Shadowseer joined the duo.

You’ve kept your promise, as I have never doubted. I believe you’d want this,” said the farseer while handing the Shadowseer a trinket with his right hand.

Both Fuegan and the Shadowseer nodded and accepted the item.

The farseer then continued, “Tell Alcar that he has our full support. Glory for the Eldar!

Then, all the Fire Dragons and Harlequins disappeared as abruptly as they appeared before.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Hydra Resurfaced

The previously dormant manifactorum on Arenxis Minoris occupied by the Alpha Legion suddenly became active again. Nobody is certain what sort of monstrosity will roll out of them, not even their Unclean allies. The last thing that went out from the manifactorum was the Baneblade 'Ragnarok' which caused havoc and one of the factors of despoiling the Forces of Order's Last Stand. There were rumours flying around that they recently managed to acquire a blueprint of the project called the Gladiatorial Unrestricted Neurolink Dreadknight of Adeptus Mechanicus. However, not even the Adeptus Mechanicus can confirm whether such project exists. Stay tune for more updates.

K2: Tales of the Harlequin, Part 4 & 5


Minaith, the Ilfirin’s Eclipse Cruiser, vanished into the webway just as soon as it embarked from the Saim-Hann Haven Spire, transporting the Ilfirin Guardians that were trained by the Wild Riders. They have been trained well, and to properly utilize that knowledge, they shall be given unique vehicles. Unbeknownst to the Guardians, the webway leads straight to Commoragh.


 The exchange was made in secrecy; pure untainted Spirit Stones and runes to ward off Slaanesh for a dozen jetbikes. These weren’t the typical ordinary jetbikes used by neither of the Eldars. The Kabal of the Disembowlers has further customized them for maneuvers in extreme speeds and altitudes, in which was brought into attention by the Harlequins. As the last jetbike was loaded into Minaith, guided by the Harlequins, the cruiser then sailed away from Commoragh as swiftly as possible.

The Guardians and these jetbikes, shall go on a field trial run soon, in collaboration with the fungi allies of the sons of the Star Child.



Streaming the maze-like webway, Minaith darted across unfazed by the illuminous dazzling lights around gracefully like a swan in the lake.  Then, they shot through a gap in the maze and materialized just above their homebase. A message then appeared on the main screen, bearing the symbol of Craftworld Alaitoc.

Shaedasi tia shyraess, caer os shasol
Si monkeigh eisi byr sai shi seraer, si theleryr aelael tysi
Kysia shi mael, sher vae air mar byr shi os pyrdar
Tae si Kyr shaer os ilfirin colaer

Beware my brothers, heed our warning
The monkeighs are not to be trusted, the fungusfolk even more
Glory we seek, but pray it shall not be our downfall
May the Gods bless our immortal kindred