Saturday, November 28, 2009

I wish this would be released in plastic...

Wow, what a sight for sore eyes. If GW released this kit in plastic, definitely buying at least one. I know FW has them, but huge resin models ain't my thing...too fragile bro.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Zero Progress so far this week

"You may make all sorts of plan, but in the end, fate determines whether your plan will be a reality or not."

That's what happened to me this week, planned to finish my defiler and a couple of models by this week. But there are some distractions; having to make an EOD oncall duty on Monday and Wednesday (when you're scheduled to do only one), ran out of Regal Blue, accidentally dropped an opened pot of Goblin Green, and one end of the light saber from my 'Darth Maul' model was broken (all the more excuse to look for that acrylic rod thing. Does anyone know where to get it, other than Necron models?).

Hope I can go home early tomorrow, so that I could drop by CM to get some new pots of paint and actually making a progress for my Alpha Legion army. Why? Coz I want to start on my 'Revamped RG Project' and my long-forgotten Wood Elves.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Inquisition Wars, The Extended Summary

Okay, here we go. It's the extended summary, as was promised last week. The scenario: there were two Inquisitors, purist vs radical, fighting for superiority over a region in the Melayu Sector of the galaxy. As means to justify their own personal vendetta, they subtly directed multiple armies (allies and enemies) like chess pawns in the background ala the Alpha Legion, to reign supreme over the other. Thus, the modified swiss system that was applied to the tournament. I was assigned to the Black Team, so too the majority of the locals. Reason: since we've played against each other a lot, it would be nicer if can play with somebody else new for a change. What a good decision that is! However, the local powerhouses (except the great ork warboss) was on the Red Team.

This is James' SM army that I played with in the first match. Nice chap to talk hobby with. The mission was a modified capture-and-control, and he was the defender. Luckily for me though, he decided to outflank his Land Raiders (via Korsarro Khan) rather than putting it in reserve as normal. That was the single determining glaring factor for my win in this match.

This is Peter's CSM army that most locals has probably memorized. The mission was modified Seize Ground. I lost pretty bad in this match, simply because my transports where blown to pieces before my army even reached his Obliterator gunline. Footslogging without transports, whether it's Plague Marines or not, facing the Obliterator gunline felt the same as marching into 3 Leman Russ Executioners.

Final match was versus Xian's infantry IG, mission: modified Annihilation. My dice rolls were pretty 'awesome' in this match, and my rhinos were like paper, shred to pieces by turn 1. Only 1 orbital bombardment struck, and it took out only one cadian infantry. Plus, he rolled insane morale tests on all his leadership rolls. Like Kadir said, it's just one of those days really, can't say anything. The match ended in 5 turns, exactly 1 turn before my total-footslogging marines could reach his entire gunline and wreck havoc.

So, in the end, 1 win & 2 losses. But even though I lost, I'm satisfied with my army list. The last game really showed me the resilence of my army. I lost only 2 marines since that disastrous turn 1, if you don't count the Suicide Chosens and my Termicide squad. Anyway, it was a really fun tournament. Results, as I posted in the quickie summary. A correction though, Soo Jin won the Best Overall, not the Best General. Our gaming club has a policy by not giving out Best General awards as a way to encourage the hobby aspect of the game. It worked well, since the total powergamers in some way had to paint their models nicely too in order for them to actually win something. By the way, the Red Team won, big time.

Here are some selected pics of the tournament:
(For more pictures, checkout Lord Spunkybass' site)

"Players arriving."

"Happy faces, before getting our asses kicked."

"The ork warboss, with his new biker-gretchin-in-training."

"The Word of Law for the day, along with his trusty grot."
(This is just the camera angle. In real life, judging by his size, Saleh's a Nob!)

"Lord Ammar of the World Eaters leading the charge."

"The Cadian 7th lands."

"Calgar and his true scale terminators disembark."

"Not to forget, the assault jetbikes that made the Saim-Hann envious."

"Eldrad doing mercenary duty for the Saim-Hann."

"The Blood Angels' Space Hulk Boarding Regiment teleports in."

"Kharn's force arrives, following up on the World Eaters' initial charge by Lord Ammar."

"Imperial Guards taking defensive position."

"Nicely painted (but unbased) Force of the Blighted Ones emerged from the warp."

"The Astartes marches into battle."

"Betrayed by a traitor guard."

"Major Schaeffer and the Brandenburg taking a stand."

"Post-war: winners, participants, spectators, and tournament staff."

Thursday, November 19, 2009

On my painting table

Told you I'll be itching to paint, especially when you know there are models that you haven't paint (bunch of them actually, e.g: Wood Elf Army). Hahaha :p
Here are the stuffs on my primary painting table at my hostel. Doing several models at once, gotta avoid boredom of painting the same stuff for an extended period. Hmm, that's probably why I ended up with so many suspended projects & unpainted models.

And yes, I still owe the Inquisition Wars lengthy summary. Will do that over the weekend. Now, back to the painting table.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Inquisition Wars Quickie Summary

It was a successful tournament, kudos to Jeff and also to Saleh the grot. I didn't win anything yet I felt satisfied, just to show how well the tournament went. However, I feel sad not seeing Azlan participating in the tournament. He was painting his tanks frantically on Thursday night up until the wee hours of the morning, and then giving it all by painting terrains on Friday night. Yet, he didn't play. The reason he gave me was a bit out of place, something felt not right.

Anyway, back to the main topic; Tsui won Best Appearance (again), Ang won Best Sportsmanship, and Su Jin who is better known as a skilled painter won the Best General instead. This is Tsui's army, he's not bringing along his IG this time. Instead, he introduced us his Space Wolves.

My achievements today; winning my first game against James' Space Marines, then subsequently losing to Peter (we all know his army list) and Lim's IG. This is the army that I brought along.

Close-ups of my army will be done later, so does pictures from the tournament (I took lots of it). At this moment, I'm tired & sleepy, and I'm going to be oncall 24 hours tomorrow. So later guys, I'll post a longer summary of the tournament next week. As for this week, I'm thinking a week off miniatures (my gut feeling says it's only going to last 1-2 days, I'll be itching to assemble /paint something). See you guys at the club meeting next hobby night.

Legio Hobby Night 13/11/09

13/11/09 was a very eventful day off work, so many things happened since the moment I woke up that I wasn't able to touch my remaining unpainted 10 marines and 2 terminators until later in the evening. I intentionally took the day off so that I could paint them during the day, and later to help the guys in Legio prepare stuff for next day's tournament during hobby night. But it was not to be, and by around 4 pm on Friday, I was kinda pissed with the progress as the day was totally ridiculous and not going as planned. Until the moment I'm gearing up to come to Legio at night, another emergency incident happened. Wow, what a really freaking irritating day.

As I finally reached Legio, here was an appearance of Hive Fleet Apophis, a striking and brightly coloured Tyranid army.

Lan, Jeff & Ivan was very busy preparing the terrain, especially Lan who's painting using house paints with expensive trousers. It tortured me for not being able to help them just because I haven't finished my army yet. Next time guys, I promise. The only unpainted miniatures of mine left to paint are 90% of my Wood Elf army, some 40k stuff for both my Raven Guard & Alpha Legion, and some random Inquisitorial/Assassin models. I'm not planning to start any other new armies (other than the Wood Elf Blood Bowl Team) after this, so there will be less last minute painting and more for the gaming club's preparation.
Towards the end of the night, lo and behold, feast your eyes on the mighty tables of the Inquisition Wars. Damn, I'm really proud to be a Legionnaire (at the same time also ashamed that I didn't help much).

Inquisition Wars Hobby Rush

Talking about rush, the last whole week was a hobby rush week. However, starting last Wednesday the hobby factory's capacity to churn out models was suspended as work and family matters got involved. I did manage to finish my tanks though (except for the Baneblade), and eventually my army ~ 1/2 hour prior the tournament. Anyway, here are my tanks during the masking stage:

Then, this was the next stage:

And Voila!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Update for the Sons of Alpharius

It's been quite sometime since I last updated my works here. Well, since I can afford to spend some time (while waiting for the paints to dry), why don't I do so. I know the quality of my blog is below par when you compare it to the Forgemaster's or Lord AK's blogs, but an update is progress nonetheless. So, here we go.

Here are the loyalist/traitor sorcerors/lords for my Alpha Legion cell. Yes, they're not fully painted yet, but at least they've got some paint on. Still figuring out how to make the lightsaber glow though.

This is one of the infantry force of my Cell. Note the mix of chaos and loyalist armour on it, did it on purpose. Abiding to the nature of the 20th legion: duplicity. However, marines with this armour won't be used as Troops, instead they'll be used as Chosen or Havoc marines, part of my fluff. What I'm using as Troops are..well, I guess the fluff Nazis will be gunning for me..Plague Marines.

Yes, I know that Alpha Legion aren't influenced by any Chaos God or daemons. But, since the appearance of a Khorne-influenced Alpha Legion in the Dawn of War game..why not a Nurgle-influenced Alpha Legion? The grand mission of the Legion is to save humanity..I was thinking some Legionnaires went as far as accepting Grandfather Nurgle's blessing, to save humanity from death by embracing death itself. Anyway, here are some pictures of my marines.

So, what do you guys think of these two preview sample marines of my army? Constructive comments are most definitely welcomed.

I really enjoyed putting together this army, the excitement was even more compared to assembling my Raven Guard scouts (it's heresy, I know). I could mix-and-match any loyalist and chaos armour, as well as some Fantasy stuff without hesitance. The freedom this army gave me was limitless. So limitless that I later decided to build this.

Yes, a daemon prince, in all its glory of basecoated colour. Still work in progress but some credits need to be mentioned for this particular model. Thanks to Ryan for the head, thanks to Joe for the wings, thanks to Ivan for the model itself, and also thanks to Wolf for helping me pin the wings. And no, I'm definitely not going to name this model Ryan Jovanolf like some of you suggested.

Earlier in the post I mentioned that I'm waiting for the paint to dry, so what am I actually working on at the moment? Here they are, the armored force of my Cell, to complete my Cell for the upcoming Inquisition Wars and the finale Apocalyptic battle of Arenxis Minoris.

Legio Hobby Night 30/10/09

"New club colour...?"