Thursday, November 19, 2009

On my painting table

Told you I'll be itching to paint, especially when you know there are models that you haven't paint (bunch of them actually, e.g: Wood Elf Army). Hahaha :p
Here are the stuffs on my primary painting table at my hostel. Doing several models at once, gotta avoid boredom of painting the same stuff for an extended period. Hmm, that's probably why I ended up with so many suspended projects & unpainted models.

And yes, I still owe the Inquisition Wars lengthy summary. Will do that over the weekend. Now, back to the painting table.


  1. Hostel? You're a student?

    Converted Defiler is looking cool dude...

  2. no..currently doing my compulsory service to the government..luckily they provide me with a room at the hostel..

    btw, thanks..I hope it'll be finished by the Apocalypse game..