Sunday, November 22, 2009

Inquisition Wars, The Extended Summary

Okay, here we go. It's the extended summary, as was promised last week. The scenario: there were two Inquisitors, purist vs radical, fighting for superiority over a region in the Melayu Sector of the galaxy. As means to justify their own personal vendetta, they subtly directed multiple armies (allies and enemies) like chess pawns in the background ala the Alpha Legion, to reign supreme over the other. Thus, the modified swiss system that was applied to the tournament. I was assigned to the Black Team, so too the majority of the locals. Reason: since we've played against each other a lot, it would be nicer if can play with somebody else new for a change. What a good decision that is! However, the local powerhouses (except the great ork warboss) was on the Red Team.

This is James' SM army that I played with in the first match. Nice chap to talk hobby with. The mission was a modified capture-and-control, and he was the defender. Luckily for me though, he decided to outflank his Land Raiders (via Korsarro Khan) rather than putting it in reserve as normal. That was the single determining glaring factor for my win in this match.

This is Peter's CSM army that most locals has probably memorized. The mission was modified Seize Ground. I lost pretty bad in this match, simply because my transports where blown to pieces before my army even reached his Obliterator gunline. Footslogging without transports, whether it's Plague Marines or not, facing the Obliterator gunline felt the same as marching into 3 Leman Russ Executioners.

Final match was versus Xian's infantry IG, mission: modified Annihilation. My dice rolls were pretty 'awesome' in this match, and my rhinos were like paper, shred to pieces by turn 1. Only 1 orbital bombardment struck, and it took out only one cadian infantry. Plus, he rolled insane morale tests on all his leadership rolls. Like Kadir said, it's just one of those days really, can't say anything. The match ended in 5 turns, exactly 1 turn before my total-footslogging marines could reach his entire gunline and wreck havoc.

So, in the end, 1 win & 2 losses. But even though I lost, I'm satisfied with my army list. The last game really showed me the resilence of my army. I lost only 2 marines since that disastrous turn 1, if you don't count the Suicide Chosens and my Termicide squad. Anyway, it was a really fun tournament. Results, as I posted in the quickie summary. A correction though, Soo Jin won the Best Overall, not the Best General. Our gaming club has a policy by not giving out Best General awards as a way to encourage the hobby aspect of the game. It worked well, since the total powergamers in some way had to paint their models nicely too in order for them to actually win something. By the way, the Red Team won, big time.

Here are some selected pics of the tournament:
(For more pictures, checkout Lord Spunkybass' site)

"Players arriving."

"Happy faces, before getting our asses kicked."

"The ork warboss, with his new biker-gretchin-in-training."

"The Word of Law for the day, along with his trusty grot."
(This is just the camera angle. In real life, judging by his size, Saleh's a Nob!)

"Lord Ammar of the World Eaters leading the charge."

"The Cadian 7th lands."

"Calgar and his true scale terminators disembark."

"Not to forget, the assault jetbikes that made the Saim-Hann envious."

"Eldrad doing mercenary duty for the Saim-Hann."

"The Blood Angels' Space Hulk Boarding Regiment teleports in."

"Kharn's force arrives, following up on the World Eaters' initial charge by Lord Ammar."

"Imperial Guards taking defensive position."

"Nicely painted (but unbased) Force of the Blighted Ones emerged from the warp."

"The Astartes marches into battle."

"Betrayed by a traitor guard."

"Major Schaeffer and the Brandenburg taking a stand."

"Post-war: winners, participants, spectators, and tournament staff."


  1. Nice pics too! Pity your own army was not quite 100% done

  2. Yeah.. a nice read indeed.

    Soo Jhin's army. I have seen it since the day new C:SM codex came and still mesmerized by it.

    That Nurgle army is nice.. if only the base was done properly.

    Vuel.. your DP is well painted. Congrats bro.

  3. nice one bro,,,hope i was there 2...haha

  4. Nice pics and write-up Iqbal. You have more pics?

  5. thx for the support guys!

    I do have some more pics, but I'm only putting the 'quality' ones as the others need some photoshop editing..

    since my I-wars and league list differs, I still some more stuff to paint e.g: defiler..hope my army would at least be 99% done..