Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Webway opens

A Webway opened, and an Eldar fleet emerged from the portal. Accompanied with choirs of laughter, they claimed themselves as the Harbingers of Cegorach. Led by Dresden Vaedarys, blessed by Farseer Shaeraesol, and guided by the 'Music of the Stars'; following in their wake are shadow, unyielding defiance, skill in arms, swiftness and accuracy. There were also rumours speaking of an incoming gentle falling rain that brings eternal sleep. An unfortunate operative however, managed to transmit this picture before meeting his demise.

*Special credit to NASA for the Hubble Telescope Image.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Project 'Fire' update

I need my D300, my phone camera just ain't good enough. But since I've promised an update, here it is. Take a look at my Hellebore below, and look closely at the circled area. That's my answer to the poor moulding that GW bestowed on my warships.

Can't see it? Blame my phone camera then. You'll see it better this Hobby Night.
Project status: (1) Gap-filling phase, currently at 20%. (2) Still looking for a Craftworld name, any suggestions?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Codename: Fire

I'm oncall today and currently on my 2-hour break. By right, this was supposed to be the time when I take a quick nap before continuing work till 8am tomorrow. But I chose not to do otherwise, I'm just too hyped up and I must update this blog ASAP.

Lately, my gaming club (Legio Malaysia) had a sudden surge of WFB and BFG games. My Asrai kindred joined the WFB campaign of course, but BFG was the one that got me overexcited. I got attracted to the game since it reminded me of another fantastic game I played before (AirWar). However, the look of the Imperial/Chaos/Astartes warships doesn't appeal to me much. They looked...dull. In the past few months, my innerself has been wanting to do a xenos army so, why not start one now? Tau & Tyranids were my first fleet choices. But later I can't find the rules for Tau anywhere, while the Tyranids are quite difficult to play with (although the window for crazy awesome conversions were wide open). So I turned to the other xenos, and the look of the Eldar warships really caught me in awe. Thus, begins the planning for Project 'Fire'.

Why 'Fire'? For quite some time, I have a burning desire to paint something very bright  yet not look out of place. My red-jerseyed Wood Elf Blood Bowl team, the Drakwald Vanguards, was a start but I still think that they aren't bright enough. I wanted a group of miniatures that looked smoking hot and burning when they're displayed on the table. So, 'Fire' it is then.

Orders are placed, and my warships finally arrived last Friday. The level of excitement was over the top and I began assembling them as soon as I opened the shipment box. Despite the awesome looking warships, the level of quality wasn't that high though. The mould lines were quite prominent, and the one thing that was causing me huge amounts of problems was the hole where the stand was supposed to insert to. They came in various shapes and sizes; oval-shaped holes, small round holes, shallow perfectly sized holes. I found the solution for my escorts though, but the same can't be said for my cruisers as I had re-drill holes on them one-by-one.

Come Saturday midnight, after long hours of vigorous filing-drilling-gluing, these are the only ships that I could manage. Roughly about 1000pts strong. Note: they still need some fine worksmanship to do, as the gaps aren't that kind for the eyes to look at.

And I still have these ships left to assemble.

And another picture, just to show you guys the size comparisons of the ships (battleship, cruiser, escort) in my fleet.

Fluffwise, these ships are a part of my own custom Craftworld (I'm still looking for a nice Elven name) which serves Cegorach as their main deity. They are led by Farseer Shaeraesol (which means Weatherlight in English), and this particular fleet is going to be led by an Eldar individual named Dresden Vaedarys. So, what does this mean? Finally, now I have the opportunity to call that certain 40K Saim-Hann and Alaitoc players monkeighs instead of the other way around. HAHAHAHAHA!

What's my colour scheme going to be? Well, the codename for this project is Fire. Do the math bro. I really hope I would be able to at least give them a basecoat before the next incoming Hobby Night. Standby for more updates on my current project. By Tuesday there will be one, that's a promise.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quick Pass

The Apothecary has been busy with work, also working on several projects at once; SPORE'10 army, the Asrai, an Eldar Craftworld (just to name some). Just a quick update to let you guys know that I'm still inactively active, hahaha.