Monday, May 24, 2010

Immortal Miniature Hoarder

I'm out of town most of this week, and therefore no progress whatsoever on the painting front. Still, it feels weird without any update. During the spare time I had, I've decided to tie some loose ends on some aspects on my hobby. Mostly on the army fluff; doing some recalling and recalculation of the actual painted total army points of my Raven Guard army, adding more background story of Niklas-Tauron from my Alpha Legion army, elaborating fluff for my Eldar BFG fleet, transferring the tale of my Asrai Kindred from my mind to my computer's hard disk, and laid out plans for my Daemonhost army.

Before I forget, I'm now making an official declaration. The name of my Eldar Craftworld will shall now be known as Craftworld Ilfirin, which means 'immortal'.

Anyway, I have this habit of listing down all the stuffs I have that I bought but unassembled yet. It's like a personal stock inventory for my own personal shop, hahaha. I've updated the list again today and guess what: I'm now officially a miniature hoarder. That's two official declaration today, hahaha.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This is plain AWESOME!

Those who knew me probably knows that my Raven Guard army is a scout-heavy army. And to see this picture on the new artwork section of the Black Library really excites me. It's just too damn cool not to make note about it.