Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hit 'Em Hard

In the previous post, you've met the defensive aspect of Kravin's Inquisition. Now, you'll catch glimpses of the offensive side. They're not exactly your typical humans, as their sheer raw abilities have surpassed the mighty Astartes. However, such great power is what you should always expect from any Inquisition force; puritan and radical. They will not hold anything back.

Dark Mechanicum Arco-Flagellants

Those above are just a tip of the iceberg. The amount of pain that they can dish out even put some Wolf Lords to shame. And have I mentioned that with Kravin around, they're scoring units too? But, enough of the lobotomized killing automatons. These pictured below are the actual heavy hitters, the ones that redefine the words 'slaughter' and 'overkill'; the same ones that forced the Sanguinary Guards into retirement in the previous Ghemehaal campaign. Given their status as assassins, the value of having these pictures is like a diamond among coal.

Eversor Assassin

Death Cult Assassins

That would be all for the Kravin's Inquisitorial infantry. There were rumours of psykers, servitors, and xenos also being part of his force, however there were no proof yet to support these rumours. Pictured below is a sneak preview of a future post.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rock Hard Warriors

Cheap, durable, and scoring. Rules wise, that pretty much sums up what the Crusaders are. Kravin's Inquisition consisted of his loyal followers and his Dark Mechanicum ally. Thus, the Crusaders employed in his force slightly differs from one another. While one group was trained in the ways of the Inquisition, the other was created as a result of lobotomy and brainwash in the gene lab of Mars. Here are the two groups of Crusaders in my army.

Inquisitorial Crusaders
Dark Mechanicum Crusaders
These guys should not be forgotten too. They're the promising young prospects that has fully embraced the concept of the Hydra doctrine. Until the day they prove themselves worthy of the Junior Inquisitor title, they shall remain as Warrior Acolytes under the watchful eye of Kravin himself

Kravin's Warrior Acolytes