Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rock Hard Warriors

Cheap, durable, and scoring. Rules wise, that pretty much sums up what the Crusaders are. Kravin's Inquisition consisted of his loyal followers and his Dark Mechanicum ally. Thus, the Crusaders employed in his force slightly differs from one another. While one group was trained in the ways of the Inquisition, the other was created as a result of lobotomy and brainwash in the gene lab of Mars. Here are the two groups of Crusaders in my army.

Inquisitorial Crusaders
Dark Mechanicum Crusaders
These guys should not be forgotten too. They're the promising young prospects that has fully embraced the concept of the Hydra doctrine. Until the day they prove themselves worthy of the Junior Inquisitor title, they shall remain as Warrior Acolytes under the watchful eye of Kravin himself

Kravin's Warrior Acolytes


  1. Hmmm... weird, didn't see your update of this post from my blog, almost missed it....

    Anyway, dig how you paint the Inquisitorial Crusaders shield =)

    You actually go and convert all the shield (or maybe every part??) of Dark Mechanicum Crusaders? Can't really spot where all the bits came from leh...

  2. The Dark Mechanicum Crusaders are products of WH40K Cadian Shock Troops and WFB Chaos Marauders kitbashing ;)

    Just in case..
    the Inquisitorial Crusaders were my Rackham Alahan army, repainted..
    the Warrior Acolytes are the products of Cadian Shock Troops and Eldar pilot kitbashing..

  3. Cadian Shock Troops and WFB Chaos Marauders kitbashing <-- the arm is from which kit? they looks like some great conversion part for something khorny!

  4. arms are definitely from the Chaos Marauders ;)