Sunday, October 18, 2009

Who's this?

This dude is going to function as a loyalist/traitor lord/sorcerer for my Cell. Like it or not, 'The Force' is strong with him. Staying to the fluff, look for another picture of WIP in this blog to have a sneak preview of his significant other. Till then.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Arenxis Minoris Campaign, Turn 2

If you guys has been following the Legio Malaysia blogsite, you'll probably notice that we're currently having an ongoing campaign. Up to this moment, two weeks has gone into the campaign and the Forces of Disorder are leading the war by a small margin. So far, my Legion has won against the Inquisition and the 13th Legion, but lost quite badly against the 1st Legion. The best part of the campaign is, the tauntings. Yeah, I had so much fun at taunting and screwing others; it's just so fluffy as everyone are 'in-character' as their respective armies. This is what made gaming in Legio so great and fun to be with. Looking forward for next week, as I'm planning to avenge my loss. 7 days to go...

Legio Hobby Night 09/10/09

"The Whisperblade."

Legio Hobby Night 18/09/09

"Sexy bikes, don't you think so?"

"The horrific line of inevitable death."

"Darklance vs AV14."

"Might vs Mech."