Sunday, May 20, 2012

Operation Bagration is a GO!

As was mentioned a few times already, May 18th marked the beginning of the Legio Malaysia's Flames of War Firestorm: Bagration campaign. The start to this campaign couldn't be better.

Katyusha Barrage

For my first game, my Panzerkompanie was pitted up against the Red Army; hordes of infantry and tanks. This by far, was my toughest wargame across all formats I've ever played. Greatly outnumbered and continuously pressured by multiple barrages and insanely superior numbers, I rode my luck all the way as I somehow managed to turn the tide. The Most Valuable Platoon (MVP) for this game was my Gepanzerte Aufklarungs platoon as it mowed down two squads of 20 infantry bases all on their own. Mounted Assault MG Teams in 3rd Edition rocks!

Again, this is the craziest and the most epic game ever. I am really hoping that I won't have to go through this experience again, the stress level was a bit too much (was profusely sweating and the chest was pounding inside throughout the game). Credits to Shukur for this epic battle.


Update: Realised that I have yet to post any picture of another Firestorm platoon I've painted for the campaign. Here is the 10.5cm Artillery Battery Firestorm Platoon, and I'm sure Khairul is going to love the platoon markings I've made for them. For certain reasons, I'm not going to post that particular image up, you'll have to see it yourself.

10.5 cm Artillery Battery Firestorm Platoon

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bagration Update: The Motor Pool

It's D-1, or to be exact, less than 24 hours for Legio Malaysia's Firestorm: Bagration campaign to start. Soviet players, these are what you're going to face when our paths soon cross.

All of those above, roughly sums up to 3000pts. For the Fatherland!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Double Rifles and Bagration Update

Have been rather busy lately and getting caught by a nasty fever doesn't help either. Doesn't mean I was just sitting idle though, as I managed to do quite a lot before the illness. The World Without End extended league kicked off on May 4th and the Firestorm: Bagration campaign on May 18th is closing fast; there was no more time to waste.

Inquisitorial Dreadnoughts, powered down
The Dreadnoughts were the first models I worked on. Just some minor highlight and detail works to make it tabletop-worthy and presentable. Still far from what I originally envisioned but it'll do for now, as those two Stormravens are far from presentable. Next up, are the Flames of War stuff and I'll begin with the Firestorm Troops that will be used for the campaign.

It's not exactly a top notch paintjob but I hope it fulfilled the standard that my fellow Legionnaires had hoped for. The following are some of my own stuff that you'll soon see in the campaign.

Marder III H
Gepanzerte Aufklarungs
I'm pretty much ready for the campaign. Perhaps it will be good if I do an army shot of my current 'motor pool' before the campaign. If you noticed closely, the Gepanzerte Aufklarungs vehicles' machinegun are still missing. Still have that and a platoon of 10.5 cm artillery battery to finish. That's four days left, wish me luck!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hmm...stumbled upon an interesting stuff

Nothing interesting to update yet on my part, but discovered something peculiarly very intriguing in the internet. Feast your eyes on this.

Parts identified: Shadowsword, Landspeeder, Aegis Defense Line, Drop Pod, Ironclad Dreadnought, and 40K buildings.

The most interesting stuff about this is, at this moment I have most of the parts mentioned above except for the main body and the shoulders. But, acquiring a Shadowsword kit should easily solve the matter and it's way much cheaper than the Forgeworld version.

Hmm...okay then, made up my mind. This will be my next project after the Custodes.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bagration Update: Infantry DONE

As the title says, finally completed the infantry models (as pictured below). The one on the left is the MG team for the Armored Panzergrenadier Platoon (to be used as Firestorm troop in the campaign), while the one on the right is the MG team for my own Gepanzerte Aufklarungs Platoon. Next step after this, will be the vehicles.