Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hmm...stumbled upon an interesting stuff

Nothing interesting to update yet on my part, but discovered something peculiarly very intriguing in the internet. Feast your eyes on this.

Parts identified: Shadowsword, Landspeeder, Aegis Defense Line, Drop Pod, Ironclad Dreadnought, and 40K buildings.

The most interesting stuff about this is, at this moment I have most of the parts mentioned above except for the main body and the shoulders. But, acquiring a Shadowsword kit should easily solve the matter and it's way much cheaper than the Forgeworld version.

Hmm...okay then, made up my mind. This will be my next project after the Custodes.


  1. The thigh from Land Raider. The hip from the defense turrets that came with the Aegis Defense Line.
    Trying to figure out where the foot came from.

    1. The foot is from the Shadowsword/Baneblade kit..the one holding the barrels.

  2. Paint scheme makes it look kinda plasticy!

  3. hahah thats going to cost alot to build... but awesome no doubt.