Saturday, July 25, 2009

Apocalypse 18/07/09: Eldar vs Imperium

18/07/09: The Imperium received information that there's a Xenos infestation in a sector near the Eye of Terror. Led by Brother Captain Stern, three Space Marine chapters (Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Raven Guard) volunteered to aid the Ordo Inquisition to investigate the matter. What they discovered instead, was another Eldar trickery. Distracted by a jamming session, a Disco Beacon, and some erotic dance moves by the Eldarkin, the Xenos seemed to found all the things that they were looking for and left the sector immediately, while at the same time leaving 80% of the Imperium forces intact and partying at one corner of the battlefield.

Flashback SPORE 2009

In preparation for SPORE...

And there's those 15 other RG scouts too. What I ended up with was this:

Even though I didn't do that well in the tournament, I had lots of fun in this annual event. Really looking forward for the next year's SPORE.