Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kindred Arhain of Athel Loren

Utilising the computer fan I bought a few months ago, the whole basing process was much faster than expected as it reduced the drying time between the layers of basing by half. I used the modelling flock and glade grass combination for my elves. So, here they are again, fully based and ready to raid the Northern Isle with hail of arrows.

Preparing for a Northern Conquest

Just finished painting all six of my Waywatchers tonight and since it's already way past midnight (local time), might as well put up a quick update. Despite the majority of my Kindred getting burnt and eaten by a single Salamander in the last Legio Hobby Night, the list is pretty much settled. All I need to do next are basing, and some minor touch-ups on the Dryads. Here's my 500pts list:

Wood Elf Hero, Scout Kindred, Hail of Doom Arrow, Enchanted Shield
10 Glade Guards with Musician
8 Dryads
6 Waywatchers

Nothing's special with the list, basically they'll just keep on shooting till their opponents disappear from sight. I'll post a better picture of my Kindred later after I've done the basing, probably within the next couple of days. Stay tune.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rare Sightings

Having to caught a glimpse of not one, but two Wood Elves, is quite a rare occurrence in this part of the world. This is a 360 degrees picture of those said two.

Constructive comments are most welcomed. Basing will be done later for all the Glade Guards, and it'll definitely be 'grassy'. These below are what I'm working on at the moment.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Having a Break

Knowing myself, it's best that I took a break after painting any two Wood Elves/Eldar model. The amount of details on those models are simply awesome, yet requires a bit more work and concentration as compared to painting marines. Since I also had a few unpainted objective markers lying around, it's probably a good idea to paint them as a way to relieve myself. Pictured below is one of the objectives for my Eldar (Craftworld Ilfirin) army; a burrowing Carnifex. I've purposely applied Gloss Varnish on the model (especially the carapace) to make it appear slimy.

Monday, January 16, 2012

An Asrai's Journey

If it wasn't because of next month's planned trip up north, I would still be painting my Minotaurs. Which means, the Asrai Kindred would have been still kept nicely in their storage boxes. I'm really grateful that Khairul asked me to join along for the trip actually, as it reminded me of something important.

The Wood Elves, my first ever army in miniature wargaming, is among my most treasured army in my collection. Yet, I've never given them the proper justice of actually completing their paintjobs. Worse, there's about 300+ points yet to be assembled. While carefully opening the box where I kept them, suddenly it dawned on me, this is my 10th anniversary in this hobby. Yes, I started this hobby back in 2002 during my college years.

The great thing of painting your own models, you'll remember all the things happening around the time period you've painted them, especially when you paint them individually instead of batch painting (which I frequently do lately). The above picture shows my progress as a hobbyist from 2002 up till 2011. Looking back at my old models, there's an urge to repaint them but the sentimental feelings that rose whenever I looked at them kept annulling that urge. Come to think of it, it probably was a good call. Looking back at each and every Asrai I've painted, they served as reminders for everything I've experienced in the last 10 years in this hobby; the learning curve of grasping the concept of painting, all the fun and laughters, the great people I've met and lost, the acquaintances I made, the wacky ideas I had and tried to materialize. It was all very precious.

Thus, I have firmly decided to bring them along in the trip next month to add to the pool of memories. Until then, I shall do whatever I can to paint them individually as much as possible. They've been neglected way too long. For the time being, the list below shall be my preliminary 500pts list. It may change though, depends on what I manage to paint in this 1 month.

Hero, Enchanted Shield, Hail of Doom Arrows
20 Glade Guard, Musician
12 Dryad

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Achilles, son of the nymph Thetis, the Greek Hero, the King of Myrmidons, the one with the cursed heel. Hopefully, this one below will be just as legendary as its namesake. Here it is, the Minotaurs' Land Raider Achilles.

Hmm...why does the MM sponsons appeared this shiny in the pictures? Guess I need to give it more weathering and perhaps another layer of wash. What do you think guys? I'll take any comments and suggestions to improve the intimidating look of this monster.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Armoured Monsters

This current post will feature a lot of tanks. First up, would be the only unit with an armour value in my WIP Minotaurs list; the Land Raider Achilles. As per fluff, Minotaurs are rather well-equipped with Mark VIII Power Armours, along with multitude of Predators and Vindicators. However, ever since Forgeworld put up a Minotaur-aligned LR Achilles, I'd simply fell to the lure and must make one myself.

However, it doesn't take away from the fact that it's a Land Raider Chassis, with its usual predicaments during assembly.

You guessed it, gaps and warps. Each and every single Land Raider I've assembled (FYI, this is the fourth) had the same problem, but I didn't found any similar complain from the community. Just my dumb luck, perhaps. After leaving it overnight, I ended up with this.
Finally, it's starting to look good. There's some unsightly gaps at the front panel, near the tracks which I need to cover up with Green Stuff. All in all, it's a good kit to look at when it's assembled. I later discovered however, that Vern (another fellow hobbyist) received a miscast of the multi-melta sponsons where the sponson slot was on the supposed outer side of the gun. Dude, if you want it to be assembled as per picture, I'd suggest you to drill through the slot and patch it up a bit with Green Stuff/epoxy putty.

This is what I have at the moment, and I just realized that my patching up work on the front plate was not up to standard. I guess I have to either repatch and repaint, or utilize the imperfection for battle damage. The later sounds more logical, what say you all?

Up until this point, this is how I painted this beauty.
Primer: Black, with an overbrush of White.
Basecoat: Two layers of GW Desert Yellow.
Primary Colour: Two layers of GW Dwarf Bronze
Secondary Colour: A light overbrush of GW Burnished Gold.

After bringing the model under a brighter light, it appeared that I may need to do at least another layer of Dwarf Bronze and redo the Burnished Gold overbrush. That being said, I may need some expert opinions on what I should do next. The way I do the infantry was to liberally wash them with Thraka Green and then a light wash of Hawk Turqoise. The question would be, should I do the same for the Land Raider? After all, it's a far bigger model than the infantry models.

Let's move on to second segment of this post, more tanks. One of my resolutions was not to start any new army in 2012, and therefore I had to cheat a bit; this army was started on December 27th, 2011. I was not too fond of WW2 history (personally, what's done is done), and therefore I need some strong triggers to start an army of this genre. The first one, was the location of Legio Malaysia, our gaming club, which is at the nearest possible proximity of Battlefront Miniatures. Second, support from fellow hobbyist. After months (years, perhaps) hearing the awesomeness of the game, slowly the interest grow within me. For this, I had to give credits to Jeff, Azlan, Iskazri, Khairul & Arzmi. The third and final trigger, credit was all Khairul's. He lend me some FoW books to read and gave me two tanks to paint. There was reluctancy to paint them at first, but after reading the books, they've totally won me over. The two Panther A tanks were an awesome start to my army.
That was the exact condition of the Panther A tanks that I received. Thanks to this also, I managed to get a rough idea regarding the base colour. There's only a limited pallette of VGC paints in my possession, the equivalent for this colour would be Tamiya Dark Yellow and GW Desert Yellow. The lesson I've learnt here was; gotta be creative in searching for equivalent colours, doesn't necessarily have to stick to only one brand. The next thing I did was, checking out the LGS for their FoW stock the next day. Lady luck was upon me as they happened to have 'some' Panther A in stock, and Jin Aun was also trying to sell off his Tigers for cheap and concentrate on his Russian army. These was the loot for the day.
Exactly six days after that, my army is 99% painted and ready for war. The remaining 1% would be the placement of decals/logo on the tanks, will consult the guys this hobby night regarding the matter. Listed below are the steps I took to paint them.

1. Primer: Black, with an overbrush of White.
2. Two layers of GW Desert Yellow.
3. A medium overbrush of GW Terracota.
4. Lining with GW Catachan Green. (Redid with Tamiya Olive Green since Alvin pointed out the green was too thin, thanks Alvin!)
5. Sponging with GW Boltgun Metal for battle damage.
6. Wash with 1:2:1 GW Chestnut Ink:Gloss Varnish:Water
7. Sponging with VGC German Grey over the Boltgun Metal areas to accentuate the wear and tear (Thanks to Alvin & Jeff!)
8. Random sponging of GW Desert Yellow.
9. A random light overbrush lining of GW Terracota.
10. A layer of 3:1:2  GW Charadon Granite:VGC Opaque Bluegrey:Water for the treads.
11. Drybrush the treads with GW Graveyard Earth, then GW Desert Yellow.
12. Picking up the details with these colours; GW Adeptus Battlegrey, VGC Charred Brown, GW Codex Grey, and GW Rotting Flesh before giving them some washes of GW Ogryn Flesh and GW Badab Black.

After all the steps above were done, these are what I ended up with...

And that's it, these thirteen tanks sums up to approximately 2500pts. By the way, this is my first time taking pictures of FoW minis. Would they do just fine or do I need to put shots of individual tanks? I do realize that I'll need a better background lighting since they're at a much smaller scale than what I usually do. Tell me what you guys think of it. Was thinking of painting either an Aufsklarung platoon or a couple of Pumas next, but let's just settle with these guys for now.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Titan's Might

This is my first post of 2012. As far as I've concerned, there are only two resolutions for me this year; (1) no more new armies, and (2) to complete the paintjobs on all my armies. Why? Coz except for my Nurgle Daemons and Bloodbowl Wood Elves, none is actually 100% fully painted. There are 2-3 other armies that are 95-98% but still, it's not the 100% I initially planned. If I had to buy, probably just as an expansion to my current existing armies. By the way, as promised in my previous post, here's of the Gladiatorial Unrestricted Neurolink Dreadknight of Adeptus Mechanicus.
Gladiatorial Unrestricted Neurolink Dreadknight of Adeptus Mechanicus
Some people asked why I didn't use the flash function on the pictures I took. These two pictures below tells you why. Since a picture worth more than a thousand words, hope they explained everything.
with flash

without flash

Some like the Dreadknight just the way it is, while some thinks the armour plating is a bit too plain and empty. So, what say you all? Should I add some markings or not? (and what type of markings should I add? Don't want to make it too chaos-like). Whatever you guys decide, Kravin approves the deployment of this mechanical construction on the battlefield.
Lord Inquisitor Kravin

By Kravin's approval, it's clobberin' time!...err, what I meant was For The Emperor!
 The theme for my next post will be Tanks, lots of them. Till then, adios.