Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stuka Revisited

As Khairul pointed out, the Stuka needed some line washing on the panels to make it a bit more realistic. FYI, line washing is one of the methods to add depth when painting vehicles (preshading is another popular method). Here's my second attempt on the Stuka.

Did I nail it, or is it still too thin?

My FOW army is pretty much done so, what shall I paint next? Since my 'refurbished' Nurgle Daemons will be put on hold till Iron Painter, most probably it'd either be Eldar or one of the WFB armies. Till next time guys.

Note to self: Bring the camera to the service centre in the near future. The focus tend to blur a lot recently, the inner lens may need to be inspected.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Onwards to France!

Hi all, it has been a long time since my last post. However, that doesn't mean I'm slacking though. We'll start things off with my tanks. In my previous post, I've asked whether my tanks were too dark. All of the feedbacks agreed that they were a bit on the darker shade. Pictured below is my second attempt on the grey; did I get it right or have I overdone it?

Both Arzmi and Khairul also commented on my previous army list, as playing with only four platoons is very risky in view of the new 3rd Edition missions. After a slight tweak to my list, I've moved on from the Mittlere Panzerkompanie list to the Leichte Panzerkompanie list, and proceed to purchase some of the products needed. Later on, I've realised that I've made a silly mistake when the products arrived. Initially, the plan was to purchase 3 Panzer IIC and some infantry platoons BUT I was careless enough not to amend the number of products required in the order purchase. Lo and behold, only 1 Panzer IIC in the package. Rummaging through the Blitzkrieg book once again, I've ended up with the Leichte Pioneerkompanie list. The fact that I already have the Luftwaffe 88 artillery and the MG team infantry (from Late War) have greatly facilitated the list building. Here's the army shot.

My list was made to play a 1750pts game. The extra Panzer I B, Panzer III and MG team infantry will allow me to go up to 2000pts (if anyone is willing). If you noticed, the paint scheme and decal placement of my Stuka is a bit different from what was posted in the Blitzkrieg book and the online site, but it is not from my simple whim. The reference was actually based from one of the WW2 forums online. However, the execution aspect is another matter. Here's the Stuka up close.

The miniatures themselves will also get a new ride. The days of travelling in the Vendetta box is a thing of the past, they will now travel in this. Credits to Edwin for being true to your words.

Since everything has been painted, my troops are ready for war. Onwards to France!