Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stuka Revisited

As Khairul pointed out, the Stuka needed some line washing on the panels to make it a bit more realistic. FYI, line washing is one of the methods to add depth when painting vehicles (preshading is another popular method). Here's my second attempt on the Stuka.

Did I nail it, or is it still too thin?

My FOW army is pretty much done so, what shall I paint next? Since my 'refurbished' Nurgle Daemons will be put on hold till Iron Painter, most probably it'd either be Eldar or one of the WFB armies. Till next time guys.

Note to self: Bring the camera to the service centre in the near future. The focus tend to blur a lot recently, the inner lens may need to be inspected.


  1. Now is time for me to concentrate on my FOWs. :)

  2. Replies
    1. I am not sure if I put this correctly.

      A vehicle is not made of one solid piece, it's composed of certain panels/parts/sections. The line washing is a representation of the gaps between the panels/parts/section. Or, if you look at a car's door, you'll see a line that defines the door from the body.

    2. Pin washes look good. The green is still super bright but the plane is certainly painted! Good job finishing your army dude

    3. Just a thought here, do you think washing the whole plane with green wash will work? or is it going to make the plane look weird?

  3. Looks good. You don't want the lines to be too dark/black.
    Personally i don't think a green wash will work but no harm in trying ;)

  4. Honestly I think the solution, if you want to fix it, is to repaint the plane with historically correct colors. The ones Khairul uses for his gliders are perfect. Otherwise, just leave it be and assume the pilot is so badass he wants everyone to know who he is with a wild paintjob!

  5. Agreed.
    Repainting the plane will be my last resort since the decals has been applied, but somehow it has been echoing at the back of my mind. For now, I'll try washing it first.