Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Slow March

Compared to what my colleagues have done, I'm at a snail's pace. Pictured below is what I managed so far, pending the detail works. Painting metal colours straight on will be a bit off since it's too shiny, so perhaps I will use light off-grey for the metal parts.

Anyway, is the grey too dark or is it just nice? Feedbacks please, thanks.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Small Flames of War Update

Legio Malaysia has recently made it official that the Operation: Case Yellow campaign will start in September. In response to that announcement, this is what I had assembled as of this moment.

Those pictured above are approximately a third of my 1500pts list, which is as listed below:
  • HQ: 2 Panzer III
  • Platoon 1: 6 Panzer I B
  • Platoon 2: 3 Panzer III
  • Platoon 3: 4 Panzer I B + 1 Panzer II C
  • Platoon 4: 4 10.5cm IeFH18

Yes, you read it right. There'll be no secret to this project; it is a simple 16 tanks with 4 artillery guns Mittlere Panzerkompanie list. However, some of the other participants are considering to play 1750pts during the campaign. If that's the case, I may have to either add more Panzer III or a Luftwaffe AA artillery platoon. The 6-rad Recon halftracks actually came to my interest, but the cheapness in their points value doesn't go in line with the actual retail price, so I had to drop that plan. Putting that aside, I'm targetting August 24th for all those listed above to be fully painted.

Stay tune for more updates.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Honour Achievements

I've been cheeky again...so cheeky that some of my friends are beginning to call me the 'Secret Squirrel'. Hahaha :D
Blaming myself for poor schedule management, I was unable to complete the Great Slaanesh Daemon project in time for Golden Kris (although I'm confirming that it will be my entry for the Large Model category next year). But, nobody could have guessed what else was coming their way. I've managed to (secretly) complete another of my personal Primarch Project though. Obtaining a miniature from Scibor's as the base of the project, The Death Guard was entered in the Single Model category.

It's a really nice solid resin model, and minimal green stuff is needed to patch up some odd gaps here and there. Not to sound arrogant, but it turns out that my painting effort has somehow gave justice to the awesomeness of this model. This was proved by the recognition given by the Golden Kris 2012 painting judge.

Golden Kris 2012 - Third Place Single Model Category
Golden Kris 2012 - Third Place Flames of War Category

Somehow I managed to win something in the Flames of War category too. Luck was probably on my side. Now, I'm really looking forward for Golden Kris 2013.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Kindred III & Golden Kris 2012

I've initially excluded myself from Kindred III as Rizal was overwhelmed with work and family commitments. We've made a pact that we will not take part in any doubles tournament if one is absent. Since K3 was moved to July 14th, this friend of mine whom I have known for almost 15 years suddenly informed me that he'll be around. With limited time for planning, we've decided to play with miniatures that we already have and to not paint anything new. Tactical-wise, we're not worried since we've been teammates since the days when Team Underdogs reigned supreme in the Magic:the Gathering community (Yes, we were M:tG players once, along with Faizal & Arzmi); we know how each other thinks. To cut things short, this Saturday, my Raven Guard will be making a Kindred appearance.

As for Golden Kris, I'm still having problems with my Large Model category; will need two or three more days. The problem is, I'll be on outstation duty starting tomorrow till Friday evening. If I'm not able to finish that freakishly oversized daemon, I'm not going to enter it, period. However, these are already confirmed for participation: a Death Guard for the Single category, and a Tiger for the Flames of War category. Haven't decided yet for the Unit category; it'll be either be Plague Marines, Eldar Rangers, or Inquisitorial Henchmen.

See you on the 14th!