Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Honour Achievements

I've been cheeky cheeky that some of my friends are beginning to call me the 'Secret Squirrel'. Hahaha :D
Blaming myself for poor schedule management, I was unable to complete the Great Slaanesh Daemon project in time for Golden Kris (although I'm confirming that it will be my entry for the Large Model category next year). But, nobody could have guessed what else was coming their way. I've managed to (secretly) complete another of my personal Primarch Project though. Obtaining a miniature from Scibor's as the base of the project, The Death Guard was entered in the Single Model category.

It's a really nice solid resin model, and minimal green stuff is needed to patch up some odd gaps here and there. Not to sound arrogant, but it turns out that my painting effort has somehow gave justice to the awesomeness of this model. This was proved by the recognition given by the Golden Kris 2012 painting judge.

Golden Kris 2012 - Third Place Single Model Category
Golden Kris 2012 - Third Place Flames of War Category

Somehow I managed to win something in the Flames of War category too. Luck was probably on my side. Now, I'm really looking forward for Golden Kris 2013.


  1. I seriously thought Mortarion is awesome I vote for it bro. Great job here :)

    1. Wow, this coming from the People's Choice?
      Thanks, really appreciate the compliment!

  2. Well deserved! Recap photos will be going up this week :)

    1. Will pass you the photos when I get back to Shah Alam ;)