Sunday, March 31, 2013

Army Throwdown Update: Fast Attack


This Vyper was my entry for the Fast Attack Throwdown. It deviated a lot from my usual orange-blue primary scheme as this was painted on the 'midnight' subscheme. While this fast skimmer may be the odd one out at the moment, you'll see more of this subscheme in the future to tie in with the rest of the army. In fact, another WIP Vyper of mine had both the primary colour scheme and the subscheme on it.

Speaking of the Throwdown, the 'complete' Army Throwdown is due in 6 weeks, but I only have a measly 420 points painted up so far:
Troops #1: 5 Dire Avengers + Wave Serpent, Twin-Linked Shuriken Cannon
Troops #2: 5 Dire Avengers
HQ: Autarch, Power Weapon, Mandiblasters
Heavy Support:: Heavy Weapon Battery, D-Cannon
Fast Attack: Vyper, 2 Shuriken Cannon

With 1500 points left to paint, I have to review my plan & painting schedule. As a matter of fact, I am currently seriously contemplating painting this Brightlance Wave Serpent to eat up huge chunks of the army points, even though I'm not planning to use it anytime soon. I am even considering Fuegan since he's a 200pts single infantry model. We'll see how it goes from now.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Army Throwdown Update: Heavy Support

Another late update. Boy, I do hope that this will not be a trend in 2013. This was my entry for the Heavy Support Throwdown.

Eldar Heavy Weapon Battery, a rarely used unit in any current Eldar army. It's a nice change to look at as compared to the usual Eldar stuff. Tomorrow's entry will definitely look different from my usual entries, as I've applied the 'midnight' subscheme for my Vyper. Stay tune this weekend for the update.

So, what have I been up to since the last Throwdown? In one word: this.

The short version of the story would be, major reorganisation of all my hobby stuff.

The longer version of the story was my neighbour's mega-renovation caused my roof gutter drainage to be clogged, which leads to rainwater pooling on my room ceiling, which later gave way to the water's weight causing an internal localised flash flood in my house. All this happened while we're away, so you can imagine the feeling of entering a house ankle-deep in water, accompanied with the scent of soaked carpets and the sound of water trickling down the stairs. Afterwards, try to imagine entering a room with a drenched bed and the ceiling fan parked on it with shards of the ceiling itself, and at the corner, completely soaked boxes and army bags where you kept your miniatures and WIP projects. It was a 'challenging' experience I must say.

Special mention to Rizal for being a great friend, couldn't have chosen another person as my Kindred. Okay, I should stop whining already. I still have a pilot to paint for tomorrow's Throwdown (on hindsight, it was a good decision to paint the Vyper early).


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Army Throwdown Update: HQ (+ 40K League 4 performance)

Greetings all, here's a quick recap of my hobbying activities for the past 1 month. I missed the Elite Throwdown due to work commitments. Taking things positively though, it gave me more time to concentrate on the HQ and Fast Attack choices. There's a slight miscalculation here, as the next throwdown is actually Heavy Support. Anyway, here's my HQ entry.

Pics Courtesy of the Legio Malaysia Facebook page
February was also a month chocked full of gaming for me. It's been quite some time since I last gamed this much in a month, and most definitely a nice change to my usual routine. However, if you noticed it took a bit of my blogging time ;)

In case you didn't know, Legio Malaysia has organised their 4th 40K League. As this is year of Elves for me, I brought my Space Elves to the battle. After Week 4 of the League, here is the current standings:

Courtesy of the Legio Malaysia official blog
Fifth place, not too shabby for someone who seldom plays. The Top 4 guys on this list are Blood Angels, Necrons, Necrons, Blood Angels. I don't think the 6th Edition rules affected my army much, but then again, my list ain't the typical Eldar army you would expect fighting against. Here's the list:

HQ (Warlord) : Farseer, Singing Spear, Guide
HQ : Farseer, Guide, Runes of Warding
Elite : 8 Fire Dragons in Wave Serpent, Twin-Linked Shuriken Cannon
Elite : 8 Fire Dragons in Wave Serpent, Twin-Linked Shuriken Cannon
Elite : 8 Fire Dragons in Wave Serpent, Twin-Linked Shuriken Cannon
Troops: 3 Guardian Jetbike, Shuriken Cannon
Troops: 3 Guardian Jetbike, Shuriken Cannon
Fast Attack: Vyper, 2 Shuriken Cannon
Fast Attack: Vyper, 2 Shuriken Cannon
Fast Attack: Wasp Assault Walkers, 6 Shuriken Cannon
Heavy Support: War Walkers, 6 Scatter Lasers
Heavy Support: War Walkers, 6 Scatter Lasers
Heavy Support:: Fire Prism Grav Tank

Yes, for the sake of achieving the goal of target saturation, I am guilty of playing a spammed list. There are four reasons why I think 6th Edition enhanced my army as a whole:
1. I've always played my Guide Farseers on foot supporting the Scatter Laser Walkers so, the new FAQ doesn't mean anything to me. Flyers needing 6s to hit is not that big of a problem, since all current flyers are AV12.
2. Wave Serpents is only a delivery system for me, having Jink and Hull Points only makes it stronger (and cheaper since Spirit Stones is not that important anymore). Plus, you may disembark up to 6" when a vehicle is wrecked. On a side note, Jink and Hull Points were also the reasons on why I played Vypers again.
3. Walkers need not take morale test, since they're a vehicle. Plus, they can now Overwatch.
4. The new Eldar Jetbike rule is awesome!

Hmm...I don't think this is a quick recap anymore. LOL.
Till next time folks, adios.