Thursday, March 28, 2013

Army Throwdown Update: Heavy Support

Another late update. Boy, I do hope that this will not be a trend in 2013. This was my entry for the Heavy Support Throwdown.

Eldar Heavy Weapon Battery, a rarely used unit in any current Eldar army. It's a nice change to look at as compared to the usual Eldar stuff. Tomorrow's entry will definitely look different from my usual entries, as I've applied the 'midnight' subscheme for my Vyper. Stay tune this weekend for the update.

So, what have I been up to since the last Throwdown? In one word: this.

The short version of the story would be, major reorganisation of all my hobby stuff.

The longer version of the story was my neighbour's mega-renovation caused my roof gutter drainage to be clogged, which leads to rainwater pooling on my room ceiling, which later gave way to the water's weight causing an internal localised flash flood in my house. All this happened while we're away, so you can imagine the feeling of entering a house ankle-deep in water, accompanied with the scent of soaked carpets and the sound of water trickling down the stairs. Afterwards, try to imagine entering a room with a drenched bed and the ceiling fan parked on it with shards of the ceiling itself, and at the corner, completely soaked boxes and army bags where you kept your miniatures and WIP projects. It was a 'challenging' experience I must say.

Special mention to Rizal for being a great friend, couldn't have chosen another person as my Kindred. Okay, I should stop whining already. I still have a pilot to paint for tomorrow's Throwdown (on hindsight, it was a good decision to paint the Vyper early).



  1. Ouch that blows big time! Sorry to hear your troubles but at least you're getting about fixing the situation! See you tomorrow

  2. Ah... the in-door flood sucks, big time... must be a major pain in ass to clean up the mess...not to mention the time/money loss, hope everything is fine now bro

    Cant wait to see your fast entry tomolo nite=)

  3. It's okay. Taking this positively, now my stuff are more properly organised.

    See you guys tomorrow :)

  4. I feel for you Vuel. Did your neighbour at least offer to compensate for the damage caused to your house?

    1. They did came along with their maids in helping to cleanup stuff. But, i don't know who is paying for this brand new ceiling though; it's either them or the contractor..