Monday, February 28, 2011

K2: Tales of the Harlequin, Part 1


In a serene silent night, a light flickered deep in the thick jungle of the luscious basin. Silhouettes of figures were curiously observing the mesmerizing graceful dance of the lanky figure by the bonfire. With a mask of an ever-changing expression, the figure garbed in the diamond checkered pattern continues to dance while singing the tales of the past and the future.

Arenxis Minoris…corrupted.
Amman Prime…obliterated.

The mask turned grim.

Hell, the future shall be.
Putrid stench of death, polluting the air.
Harbingers of apocalypse transpires, doom imminent.

All manners of vampiric mon-keighs are converging; azure, ruby, jet, ivory, and even those tainted by the Old Ones.
Feral wolves thundering with their bloody claws and long fangs, with mercy as cold as the arctic wind.
Beyond control the Devouring Hive has been, consuming everything in its path.

The mask then brightened.

All is not lost.
Glitter of hope, there is.
Lay with the mon-keigh, it is.

Ilfirin shall be witness of the future, as it was foreseen.
They shall carve the path for our ascension to our former glory.
By the blessings of Cegorach, Glory for the Eldar!

The last few words inspired the Exodites and they cheered in unison, emboldened. The herald of Cegorach’s mask smiled during evanescence.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Eldar Update : Expendable Sneak Peek

As promised, I'll not enter secrecy regarding my current Eldar project, unlike the Saim-Hann. The only thing I'll be secretive of would be my Kindred II (K2) list, that's all. This army is projected for SPORE, which is going to be held on May 28-29th, 2011 and it just happened that some of the models are being used for K2 too (or is it the other way around? You make the call). Some who knew me would probably know what I'll be playing with, there are certain models within the Eldar range and rules that I just fell completely head over heels.

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of Craftworld Ilfirin's Expandables.

Hey, why is the preview blurry? Oh my god, did I do that on purpose? Hahaha :D

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Webway Portal Materializes

Courtesy of NASA
January was a very wonderful month of hobby, all thanks to Kindred II (K2). I did more than I expected, coz I'm actually two weeks ahead.of my planned schedule. Probably most would already know by now that I'm summoning the Eldarkin from the webway for this hobby tournament, which also serves as an expansion to my existing BFG fleet. However, due to the high level of secrecy established by the other participants regarding their projects, I too have to refrain myself from revealing anything about my K2 project with Rizal. We're miles behind on idea execution when compared to Jeff and Azlan, so to say "expect the unexpected" would just be a cliche. Instead, we'd like you guys to "be astonished from what is expected of us". We're just going to utilize and exploit our common strength and capabilities. That's all I can say.

Now, to get this contagious random song out of my head (Curse you, MTV!): Hello...Hello...Hello, Hello, Hello...Hello...Hello...Hello, Hello, Hello...