Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Webway Portal Materializes

Courtesy of NASA
January was a very wonderful month of hobby, all thanks to Kindred II (K2). I did more than I expected, coz I'm actually two weeks ahead.of my planned schedule. Probably most would already know by now that I'm summoning the Eldarkin from the webway for this hobby tournament, which also serves as an expansion to my existing BFG fleet. However, due to the high level of secrecy established by the other participants regarding their projects, I too have to refrain myself from revealing anything about my K2 project with Rizal. We're miles behind on idea execution when compared to Jeff and Azlan, so to say "expect the unexpected" would just be a cliche. Instead, we'd like you guys to "be astonished from what is expected of us". We're just going to utilize and exploit our common strength and capabilities. That's all I can say.

Now, to get this contagious random song out of my head (Curse you, MTV!): Hello...Hello...Hello, Hello, Hello...Hello...Hello...Hello, Hello, Hello...


  1. You're ahead of schedule by 2 thts a rarity among us gamers. Well done bro!!!

    Glad you're enjoying the K2 experience :)

    Hope to be able to see yr work soon.

  2. I could even be further ahead of schedule if I didn't run out of white primer during CNY..

    oh well, I'm looking forward for this project too..

  3. I am starting to work on my Untouchables already. But we really need to sit down and discuss cheese....

  4. I'm currently away till 19th..hope you're free after the meantime, we could always do the initial review/gameplan by email as usual..hahaha..