Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reemergence from the Warp

"The Warp may have consumed our body, but not our will, nor our soul.
Finally, we have escaped from its eternal shackles.
Beware, for we have returned.
Shed the true light of the Emperor shall we continue of, For The Emperor!"

Picture courtesy of Dave Greco

It has been a very hectic three months, I was travelling all over the country. It turns out going the research path wasn't much easier, but as long as I enjoy it, not gonna complain about it.

2010 is nearing its completion so, let's reveal my 2010 resolution and assess it together.

(1) Obtaining a Legio Malaysia Purity Seal
Mission accomplished. I was voted as the best Iron Painter army in the inaugural Legio Malaysia Iron Painter held back in February.

(2) Assemble and Paint the Wood Elves Army
Mission failed. I managed to completely assemble all 2500pts I have, but only ~1000pts are painted. I have to mention that almost all of them were painted during the Iron Painter tournament. Must do better in 2011.

(3) Start a new WH40K Army
Mission accomplished, although by accident. To be honest, this wasn't exactly the army I planned to start, it was something else. To tell you the story, I was converting my second Daemon Prince and some lesser daemons for existing my CSM army. Coincidentally, Paxter organized an online painting competition and I fell into the trap. Suffice to say, now I own a 1250pts Chaos Daemon army. Hmm...I need to assemble and paint that last Daemon Prince to make it 1500pts.

(4) Repaint all Alpha Legion vehicles, including walkers and superheavies
Mission failed. To make it short, I fell into the trap of acquiring more models than I can handle instead of painting what I have at the moment.

(5) Start any work on the Secret Force
Mission accomplished. After 2 years, they are finally out from the box in the corner of my room and clipped from the sprue.As of now, 1000pts has already been assembled and primed, while some has already met the Legio Malaysia standards. My original plan of unveiling was by February 2011, but I'll have to postpone this project to make way for the K2 mega-project. It's going to be LEGEND...wait for it...DARY! (Hahaha, I always failed to resist quoting Mr. Barney Stinson)

That was my 2010 resolution. 3 vs 2, not exactly something I would be proud of.
I've mentioned 'traps' a number of times, would you like to know what they are?
  • A new 3000pts WHFB Warriors of Chaos army.
  • Added some infiltrator marines (counts as normal CSM) for my Alpha Legion army.
  • An Eldar Corsair fleet for BFG.
  • The Fulgrim conversion project.
  • Some random good looking 40K miniatures that turned out to be the foundation for my upcoming K2 army.
And I did them all during the first three quarters of 2010. After that, I barely have enough time to hobby due to work commitments. 2011 promises to be a great year and I expect better results from myself, that includes better time and resource management. I've already made plans for 2011; among them are my K2 army and the Inquisitorial Alpha Legion army (Codex: Grey Knights). And this time, I'll try harder to complete all my resolutions.



  1. Great post dude! Looking forward to seeing your 2011 resolutions come to life! :)

  2. Yo, I almost fell into a 'trap' also when I started White Scars. I wanted to buy a Land Raider la, Terminators la, this la, that la. Luckily, I managed to pull through.
    My new year project was to finally start a 'good guy' army, after DE and Orks. Actually I wanted it to be 'secret' project. But with K2 around the corner, the cat was out of the bag.
    Good luck to all for the year 2011.

  3. Thanks!
    And all the best of luck of fulfilling your 2011 resolutions too guys!

    Ave Legio!