Sunday, January 24, 2010

Simple update, nothing much.

As the title says, nothing much happened this week.
  • My armies: Only managed to drill-and-pin my next Daemon Prince.
  • Legio Hobby Night : Only helped Jeff a bit with puttying the FoW army bases for the Market Garden Project. Apparently the assembly team is rather depleted this week due to real life commitments.
  • Blood Bowl @ Wolf's Game Shop: This was actually the highlight of my week. Got two very eventful games in, and recruited two new bloodbowlers to my team. See the tab below to view the Drakwald Vanguards' match history, or click here for more info of the current Blood Bowl league.
  • Sunday: It's actually a very pleasant day to relax and do hobby, no work and no wedding to attend to. Despite of my WIP Kindred army, I decided to do some locum at a nearby clinic just because I felt like it. Later at night, attended Subhan's dinner at his house. His father wants to get to know the people he's been involved with, as he was worried that Subhan is returning home late every Friday night. Don't worry, I've lobbied Khairul to convince Jeff so that starting next week, Subhan will reach home from Legio by 10 pm. Hahaha :p
Okay, that's it for now. Boring, isn't it? Probably next week will be more or less the same, for I'm expecting a busy week ahead as it's my last week in my current posting. Then, it's a week off (Hurray!) and I'm planning to go on a short trip. Anyway, have you guys ever wonder why the blog updates in my Battle Brothers' blogs have been really slow lately. I think I know, all of you has the same resolution: a new army for 2010. But due to its secretive nature, all of you can't tell the whole world on what you guys are working on right now. Doesn't it pain you guys to keep those secrets? I can only laugh at it. Enjoy your secrets guys, while you still able to keep it a secret. Till next week, ciao.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Hobby Post of 2010!

First of all, introducing the Drakwald Vanguards. So far, they only had one Blood Bowl game (winning it) but haven't had the chance to play another game due to their club owner's hectic working schedule :p

I've actually finished them around two weeks ago, but never had the chance to take a decent photograph. Total working hours: 10.5 hours. That almost 1 hour per model, not bad. But I still need to improve myself (and paint faster) as that 10.5 hours is not done in one continuous session. Legio's upcoming Iron Painter in February will be 12 hours straight, non-stop. Anyway, I'm rather happy with the final results (click on the pictures for a better view). Now I just need to play them more.

Some people may already know that I've been searching for an airbrush for quite some time now. I've probably spent most of my December browsing and surveying around the Klang Valley for more information regarding it. Lots of thanks to Khairul, Wolf, and Jit for the informations because now, I finally bought one for myself.

Yesterday morning I joined my fellow Legionnaires, Khairul and Alvin, to downtown KL surveying the hobby/art shops there. It definitely was a good outing as we all get what we were searching for. As for me, I bought an airbrush and compressor set, at a very reasonable price. My airbrush has a dual-feed mode with adjustable feed mount position; so you can still paint in any tilted position without worrying spilled paint from the feed, and the bottom feed mode allows you to continue painting without having to bother refilling the feed. Alvin got one too, and I can only imagine how Khairul, the Airbrush Sensei, is envious of this. Furthermore, my compressor has a pressure regulator, a feature that his compressor doesn't have. I'm very happy with this buy, hahaha.

After the short and fruitful outing, we parted happily to our own activities at around 1 pm. Alvin went to CM, Khairul went home, and I had to attend two weddings. I was really looking forward for a Blood Bowl game against Emil's Dwarves but then, social responsibility had to come first. I'm hoping that I'm free next Saturday. Anyway, since 7 pm up until the Chelsea game last night, I've been airbrushing all the way. Suffice to say, I am now ready for Legio's Iron Painter in February.

The same can't be said though for Kindred, as Faizal was assigned to Bangkok for two years starting 1st of March. So, I've decided to suspend any work on my Kindred army at the moment. I need to look for a partner first, before deciding on how the army composition going to be. I think it's safe to say now, the possibility of seeing either the CSM deluxe cheese list or the four CSM Daemon Princes from each of the four ruinous powers list during Kindred will not be a reality. Farewell bro, good luck, have a safe journey, and always apply safe method on those 'kaps', hahaha :p

During last Legio Hobby Night, we Legionnaires ran a production line of FoW miniatures for the Market Garden campaign in March. During my short break from assembling and painting, I took a short browse on Jeff's brand new Tyranid Codex. I can only say that the bugs are a big offensive threat, and I'm expecting to see this model a lot in the near future.

That's a Tervigon conversion I stumbled upon somewhere in the Web. The interesting part of this new Tyranid Codex is it opens up the possibilities of conversion, so no two Tervigon/Tyrannofex/Harpy will actually look the same. Despite it's menacing look and ability, I still took pride on fielding my own menace, Rath the Alpha Legion Nurgle Daemon Prince with Winds of Chaos. Come 'ere bugs!

On a side note, we have all come to an agreement that Legio's Birthday Celebration and the Golden Kris will be held on 26th of June 2010. I already have something in my mind for the Golden Kris's Large category entry, two ideas in fact. Just hoping that the other guys agree for a fourth category: Titan and Superheavy, so I don't have to choose one over the other. Hahaha :p

I'd like to end this post with a common Asrai teaching, my grand project for 2010:

Orcs and their Goblin kin are our enemies, for they are the defilers of glades and murderers of our folk.

Beastmen, the children of Chaos and Long Night are our enemies. They fight us for our right to exist in the woodlands and forests.

Skaven of the Underworld are our enemies, for they gnaw the roots or our world and bring pestilence and death to our forests.

Dwarfs are our enemies, for they cut down trees to fill their furnaces and to power their infernal machines, and many times they have waged war against us.

Kegh-Mon, the hairy Humans are our enemies, for they are war-like and greedy, and would drive us from our homes if they cold. Many, many of them have turned to worship of the Dark Powers.

Halflings are our enemies, for they clear trees away for their fields to grow crops which they then comsume with unsatisfiable hunger. They would eat the whole world if they could.

Elves of Naggaroth and far-off Ulthuan are our enemies, for they have turned their backs on Isha and Kurnous, and betrayed their Elf heritage.

These are your enemies, child. Know them well and keep your bow and arrow ready.