Sunday, January 24, 2010

Simple update, nothing much.

As the title says, nothing much happened this week.
  • My armies: Only managed to drill-and-pin my next Daemon Prince.
  • Legio Hobby Night : Only helped Jeff a bit with puttying the FoW army bases for the Market Garden Project. Apparently the assembly team is rather depleted this week due to real life commitments.
  • Blood Bowl @ Wolf's Game Shop: This was actually the highlight of my week. Got two very eventful games in, and recruited two new bloodbowlers to my team. See the tab below to view the Drakwald Vanguards' match history, or click here for more info of the current Blood Bowl league.
  • Sunday: It's actually a very pleasant day to relax and do hobby, no work and no wedding to attend to. Despite of my WIP Kindred army, I decided to do some locum at a nearby clinic just because I felt like it. Later at night, attended Subhan's dinner at his house. His father wants to get to know the people he's been involved with, as he was worried that Subhan is returning home late every Friday night. Don't worry, I've lobbied Khairul to convince Jeff so that starting next week, Subhan will reach home from Legio by 10 pm. Hahaha :p
Okay, that's it for now. Boring, isn't it? Probably next week will be more or less the same, for I'm expecting a busy week ahead as it's my last week in my current posting. Then, it's a week off (Hurray!) and I'm planning to go on a short trip. Anyway, have you guys ever wonder why the blog updates in my Battle Brothers' blogs have been really slow lately. I think I know, all of you has the same resolution: a new army for 2010. But due to its secretive nature, all of you can't tell the whole world on what you guys are working on right now. Doesn't it pain you guys to keep those secrets? I can only laugh at it. Enjoy your secrets guys, while you still able to keep it a secret. Till next week, ciao.


  1. It is more or less the same here. But hey.. at least you get to go to legio :). I can't do much hobby due to fever. Then my twins were also infected and i spent my weekend taking care of them. All i manage to do is take a Chaos Black spray and basecoated my models.

    Will you be joining this week's APOC? I dont think I can make it lah coz i may be going back to Malacca. Another week without game for me :(

  2. me got very little updates ... real world has been very evil vile ... but hey, that's live (or life) lol

  3. @AK: I'm really hoping I can..but as I said before, this week is going to be very a matter of fact, I wasn't able to get a short break for any breakfast or lunch today..that's just how crazy it is..

    @lan: live = evil..the exact same word, mirrored ;)

  4. 10pm my parents just made up that story,,actually that dinner is for other purposes..u should know better iqbal..hahahahaha:P

  5. @Subhan : Coned by your own parents.. that was funny hahaha

  6. @ Lord AK- a father, taking care of your children comes with the job.
    When is APOC anyway?

  7. probably why I'm still not thinking of marriage yet, I'm still too selfish..hahaha :p