Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Clean-up Phase

As was foreseen, last week was one to be forgotten. Thank God it has passed, hope I will never have to experience it again, ever!

I arrived very late at last Friday's Hobby Night, around 9.30 pm, still in my office outfit without any of my armies. And guess what, secrets are beginning to unveil. Somebody brought his first five miniatures of his Space Wolves army, while somebody else revealed his 1750 pts Necron army. The night was closed with the usual mamak routine, and boy everyone sure was starving (almost everybody ordered double portion of Indomie with eggs).

I think I slept almost the whole day on Saturday. I was just too damn tired of the work I've done in the previous week. Later at night, I went out to get some stuff for my incoming holiday (yay!). And Khairul, don't worry bro, I'll get you that stuff that you craved a lot from the place I'm going to. Hahaha :D

Sunday was the eventful day of my week. Somebody said that he wanted to come over and learn how to airbrush but then he disappeared without any news. So, by noon I decided to ransack my room and reorganzied the mountain pile of boxes at the corner of my room. Guess what I find; treasures and junk.

The mountain of plastic sprues in my room turned to be junk. Most of them only has about <10% stuff on it. So, I de-sprued them all and as expected, I was able to get rid of three boxes of those sprues. Just look at these mountain of plastic frame, empty of sprue.

I need to admit that I'm one lazy person, for I just unboxed a huge box yesterday, after almost three years returning from Indonesia. One of the reason was because I know the things in there are just for safekeeping and I'm  not going to use them everyday. It contained most of my lecture notes, some textbooks, photo albums (fond memories there), lots of TCG, and a NIB Wood Elf Treeman (now I have two!). But, the treasure I meant were actually the novels I've read and collected all the years I've spent there. Lo and behold, my mini library.

So, tomorrow my holiday begins. And I'm returning to Jakarta, the place which made me the person I am now and I missed it so much. So many memories there, and I feel so attached to it that it felt like my second home. I won't be able to attend this Friday's Hobby Night, but that won't stop me from gaming; 1 sorcerer, 3 terminators, 2 rhinos, 14 plague marines, 4 obliterators, and 1 defiler decided to tag along to Jakarta for a 1200 pts game (actually I wanted my Melta Chosens to come along, but since they're being repainted, they have to guard the home base). Hahaha :D


  1. chaos going on a road-trip! have fun! and yes, too much fun is ok too :)

  2. A friend of mine in Shah Alam, Ahmad Shah says he knows you and Faizal. What a coincidence heheh.

    now onto your topic.. No Wheel of Time nor Drizzt?

  3. @AK: of course he does, we're from the same high school, and same batch ;)
    Yup, no Wheel of Time. Borrowed the first book from a friend, but I can't really 'click' with the story. Personal preference I guess.
    As for Drizzt, I have them on PDF :p

    @spunky: Great success for Chaos, it's either win or TA ;)