Thursday, February 18, 2010

The First Half of February

I've been MIA for quite some time, time for a lengthy update.

Chaos Road Trip
It was definitely a pleasant road trip back to Jakarta. I get to reacquaint with some old friends, reminiscing old memories, and also get some games in. There were some disappointments too, but none that really mattered. For the gaming part, suffice to say that my Alpha Legion achieved flawless victory there.

Hey look! There were lots of nice models on display. Feel free to browse through the mini 'art gallery'.

Background story: In a previous war between the Fallen Angels and the Inquisition, a mighty and honorable battle brother was severely injured by the Psycannon bombardment. In a desperate attempt, Brother Folca of the Fallen Angels constructed a makeshift dreadnought sarcophagus for him. Thus the creation of a four-legged dreadnought, which wrecked much havoc on subsequent wars. The prototype design for this dreadnought was later found missing, however. Approximately three months later, the Alpha Legion introduced 'Venom', a spider-like dreadnought automaton which later turned out to be a new version of the Defiler. Although the similarities between 'Venom' and the Folca-pattern dreadnought is undeniable, the Legionnaires kept silent regarding the matter.

Iron Painter
My original Iron Painter list was: 10 Glade Guard + 7 Waywatchers + 3 Spellsingers = 558 points.
Then, I changed my mind. I arrived back from Jakarta quite early on Wednesday morning and therefore, had the whole afternoon to myself. My previous scavenger hunt in my room resulted in two Treeman miniatures, so I (finally) assembled this particular one.

Yup, it's not exactly an official Wood Elf Treeman. It's a vintage metal LoTR Ent model, that I received from a lucky draw in a FLGS way back when I was still studying in Jakarta. Since both are GW-made models, why not? So, I've changed my list and it currently consists of 24 Dryads and 1 Treeman. I've thrown in some models to the list, coz who knows, when I'm in the zone I could paint really fast. Iron Skull perhaps, but let's just keep it at plain Iron Painter for now. Here they are...

It was a 'Haywire-Thursday' last week. Why? Because several kindred ties were severed due to real life commitments; Peter, Syamael, and Subhan went panic frantically looking for someone to bleed with. After the storm, I ended up partnering Peter and thus a rather significant change to my army list. My initial list with Faizal was a Black Legion list with a 'Council of the Ancients' theme to it., but that list and fluff has been thrown out of the window. Now, it's just downright plain nasty (actually I'm very relieved that we agreed not to do the maxed out Lash-spam list).

Somebody was really smart to put my name on standby list for work on 6th March when I already submitted my request since 2 months back, so Kindred is 50/50 for me. I can't really complain, just a blue-collared worker in a white-collared world, the bottom feeder of the pyramid.  I don't really mind working, but now I'm just hoping + praying that my transfer appeal is accepted and be transferred to somewhere near instead this coming June/July (starting to get sick and tired of the uncertainty). By the way...Saleem went to the Middle East, Johan has flown to Sabah, Doc has been shipped to Penang, both Faizal and Khairul got transferred to 'bang-cock'; a bit grim-looking future for my gaming club I might say, but I'm very determined not to follow suit. This hobby and the current gaming group I have are the things that refreshes my mind off working. I am so not going to let this go. That being said, I need to keep reminding myself that I'm just a plankton in the vast ocean, the bosses above won't even care.

Blood Bowl
Ahmad the Mudster handed my elves an undead thrashing on my last game, lost 3-0. Luckily, nobody was severely injured (two linemen will miss the next game though). But I think I know why my team didn't perform well; two guys from the team were not fully painted in that game. Don't worry, it's just a minor setback, we'll be back. And I already had the blueprints of the Sunseer Roar Stadium in my head.

SporeCon 2010
This would be another huge question mark for me for I may or may not go (again with the real life commitments). So, I can't really confirm if I'm able to join Team Malaysia this year. However, thanks to Cikgudin I'm pretty much now set on my final list to bring there (just need to tweak some weapon configurations on the extra 13 points). I'm going to bring an undivided Alpha Legion, although that means unabiding by Legio's 'Imperium doctrine'. My Raven Guard will be obsolete come Blood Angels in April (mostly due to Chapter Master Seth of Flesh Tearers), and I'm not interested to start another marine army or the Imperial Guards. Truth be told, I'm starting to get bored of painting marines. Expect four to five rhinos from me as usual, 'Venom', and some new additions to the force. Rest be assured that I'm not going to play any Lash Prince nor Obliterator-spam, you can at least trust me on that.

Wow, a very long post. Should've made this into a two-part posting next time. Hahaha :)


  1. what an update! i guess jakarta was good for you! nice pics!

  2. Cool update. Don't get too down about Seth vs Shrike. Remember, Flesh Tearers don't Outflank...

  3. Try to get the Blog or website for the Indonesian Gamers.
    Later we can send some invites for the Legio tourney to them too.
    Make it truly International event.