Monday, February 22, 2010

IRON PAINTER - 20th February 2010

Iron Painter was a huge success! (Thanks Jeff!) 10 participants showed up for the first Iron Painter here, and it sure was a fun long-grueling event. Everybody was so determined to complete the task, that none bothered to even go out for lunch. All of us just decided to stay at the event, surviving on the packets of nasi lemak that Subhan actually brought for breakfast, some biscuits, and drinks.
Anyway, here are some quick summary and pictures from the event.

0950: Only four participants present at the scene; me, Arzmi, Is, and of course, Jeff. We were given the freedom to choose our own hobbying spot, and set up our tables.
0955: Stanley and Subhan arrived. Five minutes to start was declared by Jeff.
0959: Alvin arrived just in the nick of time.
1000: The Iron Painter officially started. Only Jeff and Arzmi actually started on time as the rest of us were still busy unpacking and setting up.
1030: Shazli arrived late with his primed marines but surprisingly was still unassembled as he wanted to paint the areas where the bolter covered the body. Juan, who attempted the Adamantium Mantle, also arrived with his fresh boxes of marines. By this time, I already had completed my first layer of scorched brown on my Forest Spirits.

1200: I've completed the third layer for my army. Dann arrived, not competing in the Iron Painter, but instead joined us ust to paint his Nids. Redeye and some of his friends also came to watch the competition and have some dice-rolling action. Note: Noon marks the beginning of the Necron taunting by the Ultramarines.


1400: Four hours passed. Alvin and Shazli talked about hunger and lunch, but nobody budged from their seats. Khairul finally showed up, after deciding to have a quick game of golf in the morning. Jeff however, only got two models painted in and decides to just continue hobbying, as the Iron Painter seemed out of his grasps. Note: I've completed all five layers of my Forest Spirit, and started applying base colour on my Asrai Noble.


1500: Ivan, Legio's resident master sculptor, arrived to the scene with some needed beverages for the participants. Just like Dann, he joined the day for hobby but instead of painting, he sculpted his models. If there was an Iron Sculptor event, it would definitely be Ivan's hands down (and he's secretly hping for one). His conversions were absolutely amazing, and would look far better when he finally decides to paint his miniatures. Note: Painting leaves is a huge nuisance.
1800: The other participants are still vigorously painting, and doesn't seemed to be bothered about eating. As for me, I'm starting to feel hungry and hypoglycaemic. Hence the biscuits, cans of coffee, and bottles of Gatorade. That probably explained why I spent the next one and a half hours just to flock the bases. Anyway, the Necron taunting got more intense and then begins the living terrain joke. Khairul only managed to finish three Howling Banshees since the moment he arrived, decides to throw in the towel and just continue painting whatever he has left. He also declared, "No more Eldar for Iron Painter after this." Azlan dropped by and brought his kids along to show them what Iron Painter is all about. Note: Noticed Alvin and Shazli started to talk nonsense and Juan's cigarette break is getting more frequent by this time.
2100: One hour left. I got past the hunger, and just focused on painting my Asrai Noble, my last model. Subhan and Alvin both starting to have hand tremors and seeing doubles. While Arzmi just kept his cool and continued painting like nothing happened, it's just amazing to see him maintain his cool throughout the day. The same can't be said for Alvin as was actually talking to his orks. Such is the pressure of painting for 12 hours non-stop. Note: Forgotten 'washing' actually needs time to dry but fortunately Alvin's drying fan is just within arms reach.
2130: Subhan and Is were pushing themselves hard for Iron Skull is just a stone's throw. Most of the others has decided to stop at what they have, as we're all just too tired. Note: I'm still applying the final (rushed) highlights for my Noble.
2200: The Iron Painter officially ends. The successful painter arranged their miniatures on the appointed display table, and voting for the Hobbyists' Choice began.

Iqbal's Wood Elves

Subhan's Necron

Stanley's Word Bearers (Chaos Space Marine)

Iskazri's SCARS (Imperial Guard)

Arzmi's Evil Sunz (Orks)

Alvin's Orks

Shazli's Ultramarines (Space Marine)


Then, comes the good news. Seven hobbyist managed to get the Iron Painter award (70% completion), Subhan and Is both got their Iron Skull award, and my Forest Spirit army was voted the Hobbyist' Choice. Thanks a lot guys!
Dann said that I made a smart decision by painting a brightly coloured elf among densely packed terrain, I don't think that joke is going to end anytime soon.

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank some people here, as they played large roles in my success.
First massive thanks would go to the brothers, Khairul and Arzmi, as they were the ones that taught me of painting with airbrush.
Soo Jin, for teaching me the preshading technique that I applied to my Forest Spirits.
Jeff, Azlan, Kadir, and Dann for all the constructive comments given to me during Hobby Nights regarding my paintbrushing skills, you guys definitely made me a better painter.

Anyway, here are some close-ups of the miniatures I've painted during the event.


And of course, a close-up shot of my first ever Purity Seal.


  1. Dude, you forgot to thank us for the insults la... Motivated you right??

  2. Eh you should have put your general among the trees for cover save.
    Oops, wrong game. LOLz!

  3. Congrats bro. But I'm no master sculpter. Just another hobbyist that loves unique looking minis :) Congratulations to all participants too.

  4. And I was there at 9:50am and I finished first! I think... Hahaha... The insults will keep on going man...

  5. congrats bro. and thanks for taking the pics. would you mind emailing me the pics you took of me and my SCARS?

  6. Very nice recap dude- best one I've seen yet. Congrats on the purity seal as well...

  7. Congratulations on the purity seals brother :)..
    That Bladedancer Lord is awesome! I wouldn't have believed it was done during the Iron painter if i see it on regular post. Nice work there.

    Keep up the good work on the Asrai. Then we fight. Nothing is better than a good civil war once in a while heheh.

  8. congrats dude! that's some painting you got there. And the results are awesome too ... very very nicely done!

  9. Well done Iqbal!!!!!!!!

    Did i not say that you were on the verge of winning something :)

    And what a prize!!!! Iron Painter Purity Seal!!

    Am so so envious of you.

    Congrats again bro. Both hands saluting the mighty painter Lord Iqbal!!!!

  10. Thanks guys, I wouldn't be able to do this without support from all of you.

    Now, to actually complete painting the rest of the army..hahaha...

  11. You gotta thank me for NOT being there and being a challenger for the Purity Seal.