Sunday, January 29, 2012

Preparing for a Northern Conquest

Just finished painting all six of my Waywatchers tonight and since it's already way past midnight (local time), might as well put up a quick update. Despite the majority of my Kindred getting burnt and eaten by a single Salamander in the last Legio Hobby Night, the list is pretty much settled. All I need to do next are basing, and some minor touch-ups on the Dryads. Here's my 500pts list:

Wood Elf Hero, Scout Kindred, Hail of Doom Arrow, Enchanted Shield
10 Glade Guards with Musician
8 Dryads
6 Waywatchers

Nothing's special with the list, basically they'll just keep on shooting till their opponents disappear from sight. I'll post a better picture of my Kindred later after I've done the basing, probably within the next couple of days. Stay tune.


  1. Your list looks good bro. We should have another go this week to get more familiar with the rules ;)

    Just don't go overboard with the painting please. Less competition for the painting category is better for the lizardmen hahaha!!!

  2. you're worried about me in painting? gotta be kidding bro..

    yeah, we should have another go and have a better grasp on the's really rusty, hahaha...