Monday, January 2, 2012

Titan's Might

This is my first post of 2012. As far as I've concerned, there are only two resolutions for me this year; (1) no more new armies, and (2) to complete the paintjobs on all my armies. Why? Coz except for my Nurgle Daemons and Bloodbowl Wood Elves, none is actually 100% fully painted. There are 2-3 other armies that are 95-98% but still, it's not the 100% I initially planned. If I had to buy, probably just as an expansion to my current existing armies. By the way, as promised in my previous post, here's of the Gladiatorial Unrestricted Neurolink Dreadknight of Adeptus Mechanicus.
Gladiatorial Unrestricted Neurolink Dreadknight of Adeptus Mechanicus
Some people asked why I didn't use the flash function on the pictures I took. These two pictures below tells you why. Since a picture worth more than a thousand words, hope they explained everything.
with flash

without flash

Some like the Dreadknight just the way it is, while some thinks the armour plating is a bit too plain and empty. So, what say you all? Should I add some markings or not? (and what type of markings should I add? Don't want to make it too chaos-like). Whatever you guys decide, Kravin approves the deployment of this mechanical construction on the battlefield.
Lord Inquisitor Kravin

By Kravin's approval, it's clobberin' time!...err, what I meant was For The Emperor!
 The theme for my next post will be Tanks, lots of them. Till then, adios.


  1. WOW! I think I fall in love with the G.U.N.D.A.M already (though in reallife I'm never a gundam fans..kekeke, more an Evangelion kind of guy)

    About the marking... errrr... anything that have something to do with Imperial *has to* have at least one Imperial Eagle on it, or if this is a renegade army... a defiled Imperial Eagle? Or maybe some minor battle damage on the upper torso?

    Need to ask : how to you get the normal lightning to be brighter than flash? Based on the background(table), I assume the picture of the Dreadknight is snap in Legio, right? You used the hobby lamp or it is just natural light source?

    All in all, Happy 2012 man =)

  2. Do you intend to 'weather' your tanks' armour plates? I think they would need that more than markings. Awesome armoured force in the last pic. Looking forward to your future tank post.

  3. @limp: I'll keep your suggestions regarding the marking, thanks. As for the lighting, flash (direct lighting) will emphasize your object of focus while darkening others. As you can see in the picture, details of the Dreadknight with flash is much sharper but it also made the overall picture darker. The pictures were taken in Legio under normal room light.

    @FEM: before I do the weathering, I need to do the markings first. Wouldn't it be weird if I do it the other way around?

  4. Oops! Wasn't too clear on my comments. What I meant was that I did not think it needed any more markings. My bad ... heh heh

  5. Shame to hear you're not doing any new armies this year. I say finish everything you have AND do at least one new army! :)

    Cool pics dude. Not a huge fan of the Gundam/40k crossover, but the conversion is well done and the paint scheme matches what you've done. I'm sure it's what you're looking for, so kudos to you dude!

  6. @deathkorps: thanks dude. This is the plan then; I'll finish everything I have first (which is a lot). If I manage to paint them all, then I'll consider starting a new army.