Monday, January 16, 2012

An Asrai's Journey

If it wasn't because of next month's planned trip up north, I would still be painting my Minotaurs. Which means, the Asrai Kindred would have been still kept nicely in their storage boxes. I'm really grateful that Khairul asked me to join along for the trip actually, as it reminded me of something important.

The Wood Elves, my first ever army in miniature wargaming, is among my most treasured army in my collection. Yet, I've never given them the proper justice of actually completing their paintjobs. Worse, there's about 300+ points yet to be assembled. While carefully opening the box where I kept them, suddenly it dawned on me, this is my 10th anniversary in this hobby. Yes, I started this hobby back in 2002 during my college years.

The great thing of painting your own models, you'll remember all the things happening around the time period you've painted them, especially when you paint them individually instead of batch painting (which I frequently do lately). The above picture shows my progress as a hobbyist from 2002 up till 2011. Looking back at my old models, there's an urge to repaint them but the sentimental feelings that rose whenever I looked at them kept annulling that urge. Come to think of it, it probably was a good call. Looking back at each and every Asrai I've painted, they served as reminders for everything I've experienced in the last 10 years in this hobby; the learning curve of grasping the concept of painting, all the fun and laughters, the great people I've met and lost, the acquaintances I made, the wacky ideas I had and tried to materialize. It was all very precious.

Thus, I have firmly decided to bring them along in the trip next month to add to the pool of memories. Until then, I shall do whatever I can to paint them individually as much as possible. They've been neglected way too long. For the time being, the list below shall be my preliminary 500pts list. It may change though, depends on what I manage to paint in this 1 month.

Hero, Enchanted Shield, Hail of Doom Arrows
20 Glade Guard, Musician
12 Dryad


  1. Good to see u're working on yr wood elves again. Didnt realise they had such a history for u :)
    Its nice that u've kept all those models u
    painted since u started. Really shows the progression of yr
    Show us what u've painted so far please.

  2. I'll be....
    I thought you were quite new to Fantasy. See you soon in Penang.

  3. Happy 10th anniversary! Nice blog. =D

    Come to think of it. Guardians of the Forest by Graham McNeil were one of my very first Warhammer books ages ago BUT I have yet to read it! Warhammer 40K and Chaos-related Warhammer books have occupied my time and I had forgotten all about it till I saw your post. =)

  4. @khairul: I will, within this one month, before the trip. Thanks :)

    @doc: I was introduced to Fantasy first, before going into 40K. See you in Penang.

    @deathkorps: thanks for the support :)

    @FEM: see, there's something about the Wood Elves, isn't it? They're like some sort of custodian of memories ;)