Saturday, January 7, 2012


Achilles, son of the nymph Thetis, the Greek Hero, the King of Myrmidons, the one with the cursed heel. Hopefully, this one below will be just as legendary as its namesake. Here it is, the Minotaurs' Land Raider Achilles.

Hmm...why does the MM sponsons appeared this shiny in the pictures? Guess I need to give it more weathering and perhaps another layer of wash. What do you think guys? I'll take any comments and suggestions to improve the intimidating look of this monster.


  1. Awesome dude!

    Ya, I think you need some weathering on the multi melta, just a wee bit to match with the tank body.

  2. thanks limp.

    already re-washed and re-weather the MM sponsons..looks much better now..

  3. Add road-kill to the tracks? ;)

    All kidding aside, this is one intimidating tank.
    Love the front view picture. I am a sucker for Gatling-gun-like weapons.

  4. Nicely done indeed. Any fully painted Minotaur Space Marines done yet?

  5. thanks guys.

    @deathkorps: I have, but it kinda turned out not as I hoped. Will post it up in my future blog update.

  6. Love the tank, been waiting for the forgeworld releases on the Minotaurs Chapter and its my new years project, so will be keeping an eye on your progress.

  7. @vitor: Thanks for the complements, and the FW kits are definitely a blessing.