Saturday, November 26, 2011

Double Trouble

In the midst of the Inquisition painting madness, random madness do occur along the way. Some may refer it as inspiration. Whatever it may be called, here I present to you the honourable warriors of the Alpha Legion.

Alpha Legion Chaos Dreadnoughts


  1. Dude ... your trees look awesome ... and the dreadnoughts too of course! =) They are conversion pieces right? Don't recall a chaos dreadnought that looks like this. Or are the ForgeWorld stuff?

  2. Nice pair u have there man. Of course you had to have 2 in similar guises huh...the whole which is which alpha legion thingy rite.

    R they done or r u gonna weather them some?

  3. The trees are just some of Legio's many terrains..and the dreadnoughts are all plastic, they're converted BA Furioso dreadnoughts..

    as far as it goes, it's considered done for now..they're fully painted and highlighted, and what is not clearly seen in the picture is that the blue is actually a transitional blue-purple..the weathering part can come later..