Monday, November 7, 2011

Kravin's Inquisition is Rollin'

Most of my frequent visitors would have known about the Ghemehaal: Annihilation campaign that is going on right now. Truth be told, I started the campaign with the "three-colours-minimum" standard. As time goes by, I managed to get them painted one by one. I've painted quite a lot since, but only managed to take these two pictures so far.

Left to Right: Inquisitor Nathan Wolfhardt, Lord Inquisitor Kravin, Inquisitor Keefe of Sigvald

Dark Mechanicum Techmarine
Kravin's Inquisitorial Razorback


  1. You are a painting maestro now. You should be banned from all amateur painting competitions from now onwards.

  2. thanks for the compliments doc..although when compared to Soo Jin-Carl-Jeff-Kadir-Khairul-Dann-Joe-Alvin-Azlan, I'm still nothing..