Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Project 'Fire' update

I need my D300, my phone camera just ain't good enough. But since I've promised an update, here it is. Take a look at my Hellebore below, and look closely at the circled area. That's my answer to the poor moulding that GW bestowed on my warships.

Can't see it? Blame my phone camera then. You'll see it better this Hobby Night.
Project status: (1) Gap-filling phase, currently at 20%. (2) Still looking for a Craftworld name, any suggestions?


  1. Magnets. Cool! Now you're thinking like an eldar.

    If you don't want to use one of the major craftworld perhaps a smaller one. Unfortunately, my codex is already in the warp so maybe Azlan or Dann can bring theirs this hobby nite. I think there's around 9-12 suggested minor craftworld in the painting guide.

    There's one that's orange as its base color. Can't remember the name. Borrow the codex bro.

  2. I believe Lugganath is the orange/grey color craftworld. That would look cool...

  3. magnets are a great idea! I'll use that for my Dauntlesses and additional Swords

  4. O'brother Khairul, have you forgotten that I actually have the Eldar codex? ;)
    I don't like the grey in Lugganath's colours, it's just not bright enough.