Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Webway opens

A Webway opened, and an Eldar fleet emerged from the portal. Accompanied with choirs of laughter, they claimed themselves as the Harbingers of Cegorach. Led by Dresden Vaedarys, blessed by Farseer Shaeraesol, and guided by the 'Music of the Stars'; following in their wake are shadow, unyielding defiance, skill in arms, swiftness and accuracy. There were also rumours speaking of an incoming gentle falling rain that brings eternal sleep. An unfortunate operative however, managed to transmit this picture before meeting his demise.

*Special credit to NASA for the Hubble Telescope Image.


  1. more xenos for the guns of the Navy!

  2. Looking nice and yellowish :)

    Get it done quickly bro. Can't wait to meet your fleet on the table.