Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Zero Progress so far this week

"You may make all sorts of plan, but in the end, fate determines whether your plan will be a reality or not."

That's what happened to me this week, planned to finish my defiler and a couple of models by this week. But there are some distractions; having to make an EOD oncall duty on Monday and Wednesday (when you're scheduled to do only one), ran out of Regal Blue, accidentally dropped an opened pot of Goblin Green, and one end of the light saber from my 'Darth Maul' model was broken (all the more excuse to look for that acrylic rod thing. Does anyone know where to get it, other than Necron models?).

Hope I can go home early tomorrow, so that I could drop by CM to get some new pots of paint and actually making a progress for my Alpha Legion army. Why? Coz I want to start on my 'Revamped RG Project' and my long-forgotten Wood Elves.


  1. I think Plastruct sells rods in several colors. you could try them.

  2. tried plastruct..the shipping costs much more than the stuff that I actually need..
    anything local? luck in Art Friend nor ACE so far..

  3. would plastic cocktail stirrers work? Or are they too thick?

    about the schedule thing - get used to it .. happens to me all the time. What i try to do is to get at least 1 hour a nite, but sometimes i don't even get that. I need to get a better pair of contact lenses so that I can start hobbying smaller models at hobby nite