Saturday, November 14, 2009

Legio Hobby Night 13/11/09

13/11/09 was a very eventful day off work, so many things happened since the moment I woke up that I wasn't able to touch my remaining unpainted 10 marines and 2 terminators until later in the evening. I intentionally took the day off so that I could paint them during the day, and later to help the guys in Legio prepare stuff for next day's tournament during hobby night. But it was not to be, and by around 4 pm on Friday, I was kinda pissed with the progress as the day was totally ridiculous and not going as planned. Until the moment I'm gearing up to come to Legio at night, another emergency incident happened. Wow, what a really freaking irritating day.

As I finally reached Legio, here was an appearance of Hive Fleet Apophis, a striking and brightly coloured Tyranid army.

Lan, Jeff & Ivan was very busy preparing the terrain, especially Lan who's painting using house paints with expensive trousers. It tortured me for not being able to help them just because I haven't finished my army yet. Next time guys, I promise. The only unpainted miniatures of mine left to paint are 90% of my Wood Elf army, some 40k stuff for both my Raven Guard & Alpha Legion, and some random Inquisitorial/Assassin models. I'm not planning to start any other new armies (other than the Wood Elf Blood Bowl Team) after this, so there will be less last minute painting and more for the gaming club's preparation.
Towards the end of the night, lo and behold, feast your eyes on the mighty tables of the Inquisition Wars. Damn, I'm really proud to be a Legionnaire (at the same time also ashamed that I didn't help much).


  1. Nice table pictorial, and don't forget that you helped out more than most. I salute you!

  2. thanks..but it's still nothing compared to what you did for the club..