Sunday, November 8, 2009

Update for the Sons of Alpharius

It's been quite sometime since I last updated my works here. Well, since I can afford to spend some time (while waiting for the paints to dry), why don't I do so. I know the quality of my blog is below par when you compare it to the Forgemaster's or Lord AK's blogs, but an update is progress nonetheless. So, here we go.

Here are the loyalist/traitor sorcerors/lords for my Alpha Legion cell. Yes, they're not fully painted yet, but at least they've got some paint on. Still figuring out how to make the lightsaber glow though.

This is one of the infantry force of my Cell. Note the mix of chaos and loyalist armour on it, did it on purpose. Abiding to the nature of the 20th legion: duplicity. However, marines with this armour won't be used as Troops, instead they'll be used as Chosen or Havoc marines, part of my fluff. What I'm using as Troops are..well, I guess the fluff Nazis will be gunning for me..Plague Marines.

Yes, I know that Alpha Legion aren't influenced by any Chaos God or daemons. But, since the appearance of a Khorne-influenced Alpha Legion in the Dawn of War game..why not a Nurgle-influenced Alpha Legion? The grand mission of the Legion is to save humanity..I was thinking some Legionnaires went as far as accepting Grandfather Nurgle's blessing, to save humanity from death by embracing death itself. Anyway, here are some pictures of my marines.

So, what do you guys think of these two preview sample marines of my army? Constructive comments are most definitely welcomed.

I really enjoyed putting together this army, the excitement was even more compared to assembling my Raven Guard scouts (it's heresy, I know). I could mix-and-match any loyalist and chaos armour, as well as some Fantasy stuff without hesitance. The freedom this army gave me was limitless. So limitless that I later decided to build this.

Yes, a daemon prince, in all its glory of basecoated colour. Still work in progress but some credits need to be mentioned for this particular model. Thanks to Ryan for the head, thanks to Joe for the wings, thanks to Ivan for the model itself, and also thanks to Wolf for helping me pin the wings. And no, I'm definitely not going to name this model Ryan Jovanolf like some of you suggested.

Earlier in the post I mentioned that I'm waiting for the paint to dry, so what am I actually working on at the moment? Here they are, the armored force of my Cell, to complete my Cell for the upcoming Inquisition Wars and the finale Apocalyptic battle of Arenxis Minoris.


  1. Mephiston! And you paint him for your Alpha Legion? Wow!!

    Those nurgle infected Legionaires are nice.. Well done!!

    The DP looks funny.. Hmm.. I reserve my further comment untill you finish him up lah :)

  2. Thanks!
    The Mephiston project has to be suspended momentarily though, I have ~ 10 marines to paint for Inquisition Wars.
    As for the DP, I was looking for a serpent/dragon like daemon..thus the Fex head. By the way, your comment would be the top-heavy aspect right? To justify myself, since it has wings, why walk :p

  3. I really dont like the carnie head. The head and neck is too big compares to the model it gave out a funny look instead of a scary looking daemon.

    The idea is great though. You just have to find a more suitable head :)

  4. The marines are looking good, and the pre-heresy Alpha Legion icon on the shoulder pad looks awesome. Nicely done!

    As Lord AK says, I'll reserve opinion on the DP until you finish him...

    For a glowing light saber, have you considered using acrylic rods for the ends (like Necron gauss tubes)?

  5. thanks for the input guys..currently trying to paint the head disgusting-looking instead of scary..

    for the light saber, I'll keep that in mind, thanks!