Saturday, November 14, 2009

Inquisition Wars Quickie Summary

It was a successful tournament, kudos to Jeff and also to Saleh the grot. I didn't win anything yet I felt satisfied, just to show how well the tournament went. However, I feel sad not seeing Azlan participating in the tournament. He was painting his tanks frantically on Thursday night up until the wee hours of the morning, and then giving it all by painting terrains on Friday night. Yet, he didn't play. The reason he gave me was a bit out of place, something felt not right.

Anyway, back to the main topic; Tsui won Best Appearance (again), Ang won Best Sportsmanship, and Su Jin who is better known as a skilled painter won the Best General instead. This is Tsui's army, he's not bringing along his IG this time. Instead, he introduced us his Space Wolves.

My achievements today; winning my first game against James' Space Marines, then subsequently losing to Peter (we all know his army list) and Lim's IG. This is the army that I brought along.

Close-ups of my army will be done later, so does pictures from the tournament (I took lots of it). At this moment, I'm tired & sleepy, and I'm going to be oncall 24 hours tomorrow. So later guys, I'll post a longer summary of the tournament next week. As for this week, I'm thinking a week off miniatures (my gut feeling says it's only going to last 1-2 days, I'll be itching to assemble /paint something). See you guys at the club meeting next hobby night.


  1. Many thanks to you dude for helping out with the tournament tables- nice!

    However, to correct you here Lim Soo Jin did not win Best General- he was tournament champion. It was a combination of his generalship, sportsmanship, and appearance scores to be the overall winner. Best General awards are done at tournaments to give something to the person that had the highest battle points total, NOT including soft scores. If Legio would have given one out at the tournament, it would have gone to Cikgu Din since he tied Lim and had a higher Sportsmanship score. However, we don't give trophies for Best General at our tournaments FYI... :)

    And there's nothing nefarious about Azlan dropping out- we had an odd number of players and he volunteered to bail so no one would have missed a game due to a bye. He took a bolter round for the Legion- I salute him! If Dann or one of the dropped Singapore players had made it, Azlan would have definitely played.

    Nice post- hobby on...

  2. Wow, such a big sacrifice Azlan had made..we all know how much he'd like to play..salute bro!

  3. Wow.. no wonder lah.. I salute you Lan.

    By the way.. saw your army. It was nicely done. I salute you too brother.

  4. thanks, but there's nothing stopping you from taking on the might of the 6th panzergrenadier at the Legio! lol

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