Thursday, May 5, 2011

K2: Tales of the Harlequin, Part 6 : Aul'thavon

Burn everything!”

Fuegan’s intimidating warcry was probably the last thing heard by the Alpha Legion marines. Despite being supported by two Defiler monstrosities and several Dreadnought sarcophagi, the heretics were completely mowed down by the Fire Dragons.

The Alpha Legion has been relentlessly pursuing their Aul’thavon kindred ever since the Great Betrayal. Apparently, Aul’thavon has managed to retrieve something from Arenxis, something that the Alpha Legion has great interest on. Yesterday, it seemed like the fate of Aul’thavon was about to end as they were pinned down from all sides by the heretics. Salvation came from the skies as a webway portal materialized above the battlefield and from it, a barrage of melta bombs rained down on the enemy, soon followed by the Fire Dragons led by their Phoenix Lord himself and joined by the ever enigmatic Harlequins. The assault was fast and ferocious, like a tidal wave against the beach. In a split cycle, the enemies were completely decimated.

As the Phoenix Lord scoured the battlefield, a robed figure approached him. It was Farseer Dann, the leader of Craftworld Aul’thavon. In a blink of an eye, a Shadowseer joined the duo.

You’ve kept your promise, as I have never doubted. I believe you’d want this,” said the farseer while handing the Shadowseer a trinket with his right hand.

Both Fuegan and the Shadowseer nodded and accepted the item.

The farseer then continued, “Tell Alcar that he has our full support. Glory for the Eldar!

Then, all the Fire Dragons and Harlequins disappeared as abruptly as they appeared before.


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