Sunday, May 8, 2011

A New Menace

It is probably sad to say that our last hope, a small pocket resistance remnants of whatever is left of the Forces of Order, has been completely obliterated from the face of Arenxis. A recent graphic transmission, probably the last we're ever going to receive, shows a new breed of bipedal monstrosity deep-striking right in the midst of the rebellion. And these, the last discernible words before all the screams of havoc, are the monster's words.

"You feelin' lucky, punk?"


  1. Is this a "for fun" modelling project, or are you doing a Gundam-esque army to go along with it?

  2. for now, it's a one-off project..I do have other mechwarrior/mecha projects, what happens next, nobody knows yet..

  3. so this model will not be a part of your GK list??

    golden kris entry perhaps.....nice concept bro :)

  4. @khairul: that's too much info for an Alpha Legionnaire to reveal ;p