Saturday, April 7, 2012

Craftworld Ilfirin Rangers/Pathfinders

After four Legio Malaysia Hobby Nights (plus another hour or two at home), the task is finally accomplished. Really had fun painting them, a reminder that I should paint my models individually rather than batch paint. It's not perfect, and definitely more work can be done to improve them. Well, lessons learnt for the next batch of models.

Here's a snapshot from the battlefield, sniping their opponent. Last I heard, Rending AP1 shots are very dangerous.


  1. Well done bro. Those look really nice. So how far are you to completely painting your eldar force?

    We could make a run for the WWE ;) Eldars against the mon-keighs....which would be the majority of the forces represented i think.

  2. thanks!
    if you're talking about complete finish, still very far..
    just managed to get three colours minimum at the moment, don't think my Eldar will be the first WWE army for me..

  3. Yah nice. Higlights on clothes also very nice. I think I am starting to agree with your comment regarding painting models individually rather than batch paint. My Ultramarine Termies and G.Thraka were the first models I painted individually and it seems to be more fun in the sense that it gives a better sense of accomplishment. Batch painting feels like a chore until you are finishing them ... and then all that feeling of accomplishment comes rushing in.

  4. Nice! I haven't seen your craftworld in a while :D bring it back!