Monday, April 2, 2012

A Stumbling Block

By doing this, I've consciously caused myself to be behind the schedule I've set myself for K3 and Golden Kris on June 30th. Definitely not a good move but, what's done is done. Spent the large part of Sunday afternoon painting this (when I should have at least airbrushed two layers of paint on my Vyper).

Hive Guard
Inspired by Shukor's Nids, I've rummaged through my personal stockpile looking for some Tyranid models. It turns out that I have way more stuff than expected; ranging from the old ones (Necrons) to the youngbloods (Tau). This, I blame my impulsive buying behaviour and my Big Mek tendencies. The next post will be an update of my Eldar Rangers (I promise), and crossing my fingers that I can finish them before my series of continuous outstation in April begins.


  1. Always paint what you fancy :)
    You get more enjoyment that way.

    Will this be a one off or part of a bigger hive?

  2. The shading on the carapace looks really, really ... really ... sweet!
    Agree with Khairul in that when you paint what you fancy you not not only enjoy it more but the results are better too. Nice work on the Nid.

  3. I sincerely hope it's a one-off, just don't tempt me too much..

  4. Nicely done vuel. Love the color.. nice combination.

  5. Once in a while being sway to do something else from the main project promote hobby health =)

    Nice effect on the "shell", btw.

  6. *impulsive buying behaviour* guilty as charged, welcome to the club

  7. Nice! I like the color palette you've used here