Saturday, March 17, 2012

Still learning...

The last Legio Hobby Nite was quite a fruitful one, spent the whole session plus another half an hour at home to produce this dude below. As you can see in the 360 picture, it's not exactly perfect but I'm quite happy with the result (coz I know that I can't paint like this when I started the hobby). Foreseeing myself spending the future four Hobby Nites painting this dude's friends.

Hope the next one will be better, especially on the current feeble NMM attempt on the sniper gun. On a side note, these stuff arrived in my mail a few days ago ;p


  1. Those snipers look nice bro.

    And that 3rd ed FoW rulebook is also very very nice....jealous der ke...

    1. lawak ke der ;D

      only managed to skim the rulebook, haven't fully analysed it page-by-page..turns out my decision to play the Gepanzerte Aufklarungs was right..

  2. Details on the sniper's back is very nice!

  3. The eldar thingy's (they are sniper? I'm not familiar with xenos, and I'm not even sure they are eldar, LOL, but judging from the gun shape, they should be) paint job is top notch!

    ps: saw Chang holding another FOW book today at HF(he is assembling the horse riding dude, cossacks!). The title is Red Bear, I guess its the sister publishing to your Grey wolf

  4. Thanks guys.

    @me: This is an Eldar Ranger. Chang's Red Bear is the codex for Russians on the Eastern Front War. My Grey Wolf are for the Germans.

  5. Nice! Only thing better is lawak ke der...