Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sometimes, awesomeness can go overboard...

WS5 / BS3 / S4 / T3 / W1 / I6 / A2 / Ld8 / Sv5+ 
*That stat looks decent enough and promising.*

Add in two power weapons and a 5+ Inv Save.
*Okay, you have my attention.*

To make it more interesting, this dude has access to some dedicated transport choices.

What if, you get all of the above for the cost of a 4th Edition Space Marine?
*Wow, that's awesome! But it'd probably only play the role of shock troops.*

Alright, how about this? There are a few IC standing around that gives -1 Toughness to all enemy units in the first round of assault, and on certain condition that particular IC can also provide +1 Strength to his unit.
*Dude, are you kidding me?*

Hmm...I don't think that's enough. Why don't we allow this dude access to Land Raiders and Stormravens too?

Don't you think it's a bit fragile? Lets give this close combat specialist the option to include some guys with Power Weapon/Storm Shield and give them the same cost. Shouldn't be a big problem, right?
*Hey, I think we should stop here.*

I have another great idea, let's create an IC that allows this dude as Troops choices.

Lesson of the Day: Always look at the bigger picture.


  1. "they touched you, you die"
    -- quote of the day.

    "flamer *could* be the solution, provided you can shoot them"
    -- the (late) 13th company captain of unknown Black Legion (which his squad don't even fire a single shot)

    Nasty little things you have there =___,="

  2. Yeah yeah... but if you get shot your precious cheese is gonna burn hard. The ride blows up they are pretty screwed. Being t3 actually means bolters are real threat to you. Not that really uber IMO, more of a counter death star unit because of their cost. Inquisitional glass canon

  3. Btw, throne have mercy on you should you ever find yourself entangled with a walker with these guys, better have some old men with big ass chain sword added in for full spectrum CC solutions

  4. @wong: you're spot on!..they are exactly as you said: glass cannons..people tend to forget that fact..offensively, they ranked way up there, but for durability they're somewhere down there at the bottom..although, the current GK codex do complement their pros and cons nicely..

    walkers?..on their own, facing walkers is a deathrow sentence..which is why seldomly do we see them in a group without crusaders, inquisitors, and the super cheap power fists: Servitors..but again, see the trend there, they need allies and synergy to perform I do wonder why did people putting them up on par with Paladins, Assault Terminators & Nob Bikerz..I agree with you here, they are not exactly an uber death star unit a.k.a 'cheese'..

    the way I see them: slightly above average model, which needs the right configuration and fine tuning on the rest of the army list, in order to optimize its power..the point cost of a 4th Edition Space Marine is there to serve as a misguidance..the truth is, including transports and other close combat shenanigans they needed, they cost way much more than that..

    but I do finally understand now why people say the GK codex is way above average..Draigowing, Purifiers, Mordrak, Coteaz's Assassins..these four lists already showed us that the codex is able to churn out murderous army lists in a variety of ways and tactics to play with (unlike the CSM codex)..