Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: Year in Review

18th of January 2009 marks the beginning of Stealthy Blades. It may not be much of a blog, but to me it signifies my intent and seriousness of my hobby. Although initially intended as a gallery for my Raven Guard army, it soon evolved as my own personal hobby blog as the word 'Stealth' can be applied to all three armies I own at the moment; Raven Guard, Alpha Legion, and Wood Elves.

Somewhere around March or April, I joined a fantastic hobby club called Legio Malaysia. Damn, it was one hell of wacky & fun people to be with. In this club too, I get to be reacquainted with some familiar faces of the past (Faizal, Arzmi, Jit/Rizal and 'small' Shazli to be exact). We spent almost every Friday nights together, talking and doing hobby, rolling dices, painting stuffs, making tables, and organizing events to make the Malaysian gaming community better. We even went to Singapore together, just to play some more games. I am so happy that I found a place that I felt at home with, thanks guys!

Come July, I was already halfway through my second 40K army: the Alpha Legion. Up to this moment, that army is still in the 'Painting in Progress' mode, but trust me when I say it already wrecked havoc in my gaming club. Especially during the great Arenxis Minoris campaign that was organized by Azlan. I also noticed something while working on this Chaos army; other than the freedom of conversion that it provided, my painting skills actually improved. This realization came to me when I decided to play a game with my Raven Guard again. I definitely have to thank Jeff and Khairul for this, because now I feel more confident to actually finish painting my abandoned Wood Elves.

And now, I'm already looking and searching for my own airbrush set. Being in a proper hobby club really encouraged me to be better. I'm really confident that my conversion skill has gone way beyond my own expectations, just need to brush up on the painting skills. The best part is, I'm doing it by my own free will because I want to be just as good as the other hobbyists around me. Some fellow hobbyist even went a bit extreme by developing their own secret army projects, hahaha. I'm foreseeing that 2010 will be the year of secrets unveiling. I wish I was this eager with other aspects of my life.

My real life, almost all aspects of it, can be summed up in one word: Sucks! Hoping it would turned for the best by next year though.
And some may notice that I don't drive, at all. One small reason was because my license has expired way back during my studying period overseas, while another big reason was...hmm, don't really wanna talk about this much. Let's just say even when you're working in the health-care field, actually being diagnosed of something doesn't really sound nice to your ears. I'm thinking of going against the doctor's orders in 2010; can't just rely on others' kindness, sometimes we just have to take the risk.

I am very tempted to start a new army in 2010. BUT, I'm not going to buy anything until I completed painting all the models that I'm going to frequently use in my current armies. This applies to all my Dryads, Glade Guards, Treemen, Wardancers, Alter Kindreds, Raven Guard & Alpha Legion Tanks & Walkers, Daemon Princes, Obliterators, Raven Guard marines & scouts, and Alpha Legionnaires. Looking at all those stuff, maybe I won't be able to start a new army at all but who knows? It's a son of Corax, an Alpha Legionnaire, and an Asrai who's doing the talking here; nothing is what it may seemed to be ;)

Fare thee well 2009. Welcome 2010.


  1. It is great to have you in Legio ,bro. You have revealed many hidden talents that even you would have not seen in your years before.
    Your conversion on the Soul Grinder speaks for itself and your painting has improved also.
    When you are finished with your wood elves, I promise I will give them a through thumping with my Ogres.
    I have feeling that yr2010 is going to be great for us all. Maybe the calm before the storm(2012) hee hee hee...
    Even me, I am not starting any new army, got to give my Ork Boyz some gud fightin'. If you know what I mean.
    I am also gonna concentrate on the Ork Table, make it even more Orkish! Got some terrains to go with it from PI last week.
    Happy New year!

  2. Have a good year ahead bro!

    I foresee you improving a lot hobby-wise in 2010. Get your "unfinished" armies done this year and when they're done, go ahead and start something new.

    As for work, you are doing a good thing there. You just have to believe it yourself to find it meaningful.

    Don't worry, we have hobby nites to hang out with the guys...:)

  3. dude, happy new year! looks like 2009 was kind of a watershed year for your hobby, and I'm glad to be part of it ... here's to 2010 - and keep the real life going good dude - it feeds the things you love

  4. A good new year to you sir. Here's hoping you get posted somewhere near here. When will you actually know when n where?

    So dah jumpa airbrush set? If you're gonna get one pl let me know. I'd like to get the airbrush pen. Mine is verging on retirement.

  5. Brother Vuel, may the year 2010 brings you the best of luck and happiness.

    Victory Unto Death!

  6. Thanks for the support guys, really appreciate it!